Decay of Reality – Reality of Decay (Russia, 2014)


Of pure cruelty and malevolence this album is all about. 8 tracks of solid drums, jaw-smashing riffs and utterly deep growls. In few words a perfect blend of brutal death metal, melodic death and some doom-ish traces.

This 4-piece metal band hailing from Russia deliver an extremely aggressive sound, also helped by a superlative and crystalline production. Reality of Decay, the title of this “steppes”-born carnage, hits right to the spot with a killer guitar riffing. The vocals, and yes, with vocals I do mean an impressive full-bodied growl performed by the flawless E.S., are pretty perfect. Folks, this guy knows what to do with his vocal chords. (Ed. If interested you can hear his performances in the albums of band such as Unmercenaries and Who Dies In Siberian Slush). Drums and bass are not so exciting though, but they do their own dirty job pretty fine. After all, what we all asking from a death metal record it’s a granitic soil where the guitars can sew with their flesh-ripping riffs. And Decay of Reality didn’t miss the point here!
Are you looking for a weak spot? Well, maybe it lacks of originality in the long run. Adding some pace changes would have helped out. More slowed-down moments, like in the brilliant Intro would have been a great idea to spice this record up.

That being said, if you want my suggestion, the tunes you should be “aware” to include in your listen are: Intro (yes, this album has an amazing intro), To Overcome Death Phobia (eeeevil!) and Seplophobia. And don’t forget to have some Band-Aids with you, you’re gonna need them!

1. Intro
2. The Vortex
3. Dissection
4. To Overcome Death Phobia
5. A Chronic Sense of Emptiness
6. Seplophobia
7. Urge To Get Away
8. Pyromaniac

: MFL Records
Websites: Bandcamp  | Facebook
Release Date: 30th October 2014
Reviewed by Teo

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