Winnipeg Groove Thrash DARK MESSIAH Unleash Debut EP

Hailing from Winnipeg, MB, DARK MESSIAH is a band of marauders blending the elements of metal, metal and more metal for the perfect soundtrack to the apocalypse. They present a listening experience that is soothing, calming, face melting, ear bleeding along with ball busting rock to gently pierce your brain. Their soul cleansing sound is the perfect thing to gracefully walk you through the collapse of a failed capitalist world burning to ashes in front of you. When it’s all said and done, Dark Messiah’s music will elegantly grasp you and escort you through the excruciating, agonizing abyss that is forever known as the gates of hell.

Their new self-titled debut E.P. was just unleashed digitally on November 27 and will be available on CD as of January 20, 2017. The EP was produced and mixed by Matt Copper at Atomic Twenty-Nine Productions with mastering done by Jake Sacher along with artwork by Dallas Duckie Zacharias.

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