Dark Matter – Become (Mexico, 2016)


Usually I like when I just can’t place a record in an exact genre. This may be and indicator of originality as well as uniqueness. And, most of the time, I’m very much lured by this kind of things.
Dark Matter don’t appear to be an exception.

This power-trio from Lèon, Mexico, delivered their debut EP very few days ago, simply entitled Become. I don’t know what they’re aiming to become, but if they’re gonna continue on this path they’ll probably end up being great!
As I anticipated just a few lines above it isn’t easy (nor fair) to trap this 4-track EP in one musical genre. Sure thing is that we’re talking about metal here, and that’s fine so far. We could also hazardously place it in the black metal branch. But here discrepancies start: some heavy melodic death metal influences are well present. The closing track One With Grief seems just popped out by an disturbing jam session between Insomniun and Dissection, everything bathed in Porcupine Tree-esque atmospheres. Not to mention the presence of prog/depressive rock elements, like the clean vocals chorus in Those Who Belong To The Stars (which also ended up to be one of my most enjoyed tracks).

The screamed vocals have a dramatic black metal scent, but when they’re not present everything changes. The opener Prelude To Misanthropy is as calm and relaxing as an ambient/post rock song should be. Echoing guitars, wetted in dreamy reverbs. Adorned by some gentle touches of drums and hats generate an utterly hypnotic tune which flows drastically into the first singed song out of this collection, No Room For The Blind. In this one I could hear some Alcest vibes lingering all over the place. And possibly that makes it my second favourite one from Dark Matter’s Become.

This is one of those cases where I just can’t make any complain at all. So you can imagine the record is good, unbelievably good! Despite the complexity of the compositions the record is nicely enjoyable since the first play, without getting tedious after many other listens.
And now I’m gonna wrap this whole up saying that Become is the best thing I heard in 2016 so far.
Buenos muchachos!

1. Prelude To Misanthropy
2. No Room For The Blind
3. Those Who Belong To The Stars
4. One With Grief

Label: Self-released
Websites: Facebook| Youtube
Release Date: 3rd February 2016
Reviewed by Teo

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