Folk/black metal CRYSTALMOORS Release New Official Video

From the label that gave you Hordak, comes Crystalmoors, the latest folk/black metal revelation. This is the Spanish band’s most ambitious effort, a double CD affair where the first part is rooted in celtic/pagan black metal whereas the second part is a folkish interpretation given to the band’s old and new exclusive material. Aptly titled ‘The Mountains Forgive Us’, this is nature calling out to us via the frosty, wistful tunes that the band triumphantly churn out. It encourages solitary introspection, with tunes that beckon to the overlooked desire in us of being one with nature by keeping mundane affairs aside if only momentarily, and turning pure-hearted and simplistic in spirit and outlook. ‘The Mountains Forgive Us’ is a testament to the raw beauty in metal still, heartily recommended to fans of bands like Agalloch, Drudkh, Primordial, Thyrfing and Cruachan.

– “a multifaceted and engrossing album” – No Clean Singing (US)
– “making metal that contains pagan, folk and celtic elements.” – Folk Metal (Netherlands) 8/10
– “great  sounding  pagan/black  metal  band  with  touches  of  folk” – Occult Black Metal (US) 8/10 


Track list: 
CD 1: ‘The Mountain Will Forgive Us’
1. Memories
2. Devotio Ibérica
3. Over The Same Land
4. The Mountain
5. A Last Breath Of Peace
6. The Oldest One
7. The Eye Of The Tyrant
8. When The Caves Spoke
9. A Man Under Wolfskin

10. Over The Same Land (folk version)
11. The Mountain (folk version)
12. Defendiendo Amaia (folk version)
13. Since Old Times (folk version)
14. The Mountain Will Forgive Us (folk version)
15. Greyland Lábaro (folk version)
16. Crown of Wolves (folk version)
17. Nabia Orebia (folk version)

Line up: 
Uruksoth Lavín: Vocals
Faramir: Guitars, whistle, melodic vocals, bagpipes
Abathor: Guitars, chorus.
Thorgen: Fretless bass, melodic vocals, chorus.
Aernus: Keyboards & samples, whistle, chorus.
Gharador: Drums & percussion.

Crystalmoors Bandcamp
Casus Belli Musica Official Site
Crystalmoors Facebook
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