International Death Metal Group CRYPTIC REALMS Premieres New Song

From members of Offal and Abyssus among others, we have an international death metal group playing with death metal the way it’s meant to be done. Grimy, raucous and catchy, Cryptic Realms’ death metal hearkens back to the glory days of early Obituary, Morbid Angel, Vader, Unleashed and Massacre, when the intent was pure and the music was all that mattered. Each band members lends his own influence to the final output, be it the John Tardy-esque vocals or the excellent riffing of the guitarists, this is a memorable and extremely catchy affair, the kind of death metal that we all grew up listening to and reveled in. Cryptic Realms are onto something special, something life-affirming for the die-hard fans, and it’s mandatory to give this promising new band a shot if you like this kind of gnarly and groovy old school death metal.

Cryptic Realms premiered a track over No Clean Singing.

Track list: 
1. Enraptured By Horror
2. Doomed Cathedrals
3. In Mortal Distress
4. Total Demise
5. Sinister Force Descends
6. Vulgar Exhumation
7. Begging To Be Dead
8. Act of Derangement

Line up: 
Kostas Analytis (Abyssus – Greece): lead and backing vocals
Tersis Zonato (Offal – Brazil): guitar solos, acoustic guitar
Victor Varas (Tritton – Mexico): bass
Uriel Aguillon (Necrorite – U.S.): guitars, drums

Iron, Blood and Death Corp Official Site
Cryptic Realms Bandcamp
Cryptic Realms Facebook
Iron, Blood and Death Corp Facebook

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