Albanian Metallers CROSSBONES Launch Upcoming Album Teaser

Albanian metal band CROSSBONES launched teaser of upcoming album (“WWIII”), will be released via NadirMusic Genova, international release, Digital and digipack, in stores January 2017!

Crossbones were founded in 1996 in Tirana the capital city of Albania.
First rehearsals took place in a friend’s house basement…hell yeah!
…and they hit the road to rock n roll with powerful explosive vocals, heavy guitar riffs and breathtaking drums.

The first members were Olsi BALLTA (founder/vocals) and Arbi XHELO (co-founder/guitar),then Klodi SHEHU (guitar) and Alban MALE (drums & keyboards) joined the band and till 1998 they always had session bass players. At this time Fatjon GJASHTA joined the band as a bass player till 2000 when he left the band and moved to USA.

The band had no name until Ols (vocals) opened an Albanian-English dictionary and picked the first word of a random page…and it was CROSSBONES (1996).

Crossbones is the 1-st Albanian (AL) rock band releasing an album in CD, called “Days Of Rage” in 1997.
It was recorded in a home studio and at that time the quality of sound was not so important more than the fact that Crossboneswere entering in the Albanian rock music history as the first band ever recording and producing an album on CD of course with a little help for the financial issues.

Crossbones are part of “Era e ndryshimit” history of rock bands in Albania, book by Kozeta Kurti,
Published in 2010. They are definitely the most recognizedband in the Albanian (AL) rock/metal scene.

Unsigned band so far. Looking for a label.
Albania does not provide a rock music industry so the only way so far, is to look in other countries.

With 20 years in the Albanian rock/metal scene, it’s time to expand the boundaries.

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