Confirmations, Disappointments and New Arrivals


The Burning – Summoning The Lost Energy (Sweden, 2015)
Let’s start this brief triple review with the CONFIRMATION.

Yes, because The Burning it’s not a new-born act. And even if you see the year 2015, these songs are a bit older. So what are you going to listen to?

This Swedish one-man army is no one but Nachtzeit. Yes, the same Nachzeit from the atmospheric black metal wizard Lustre. In fact, The Burning is his pre-Lustre project. While Summoning The Lost Energy collects all his works made between 2006 and 2008.
Basically the music is comparable to Lustre’s earlier sound. And how could it be otherwise!? Anyway a more dark and spacey vein is noticeable here. Honestly I did enjoy this “compilation”. As a nostalgic lover of what Lustre did sound like, I grabbed this record as soon as I could. I’ve been both surprised and satisfied. These songs were quite different from what I expected, but yet so close to the ideas on Nigh Spirit, for example.

That being said, if the latest Lustre’s records leave a sort of a bad taste in your mouth, but you still love his “origins” so badly, you must get this one. I repeat clearly.
Lovers of Atmospheric/Ambient Black Metal, with long and hypnotic melodies you MUST get your hands on The Burning’s Summoning The Lost Energy. Period.



Panopticon – Autumn Eternal (USA, 2015)
And this is my disappointment.
I’m afraid to say A.Lunn’s Panopticon missed the spot this time. For me at least. I felt his newest Autumn Eternal is a sort of carbon copy of his previous 2 works. But don’t hate me, let me explain.

Autumn Eternal is NOT a bad album. But the point is it is like listening to Roads To The North with just different songs titles…and a different artwork. The lack of originality really does affect this record indeed.
Taken as one you would enjoy it. Also if you haven’t heard of Panopticon you can be moved by it.
Otherwise I’d hardly crown this album as a successful one. Yes, cool riffs, lovely drums but besides that it is all old and foregone. The record flows away quite bland. While the only real catchy moment is Into The North Woods, and its epic closure. Otherwise all flat.

Yet Roads… left me with some doubts whether the one-man act suffered from a drop of inspiration from Kentucky (his total masterpiece). Now I don’t have any doubt anymore.
Even the best formulas need a change sometimes…




Ephemeral Ocean – The Efflorescence (Russia, 2015)

This record has been introduced to me as it was in the vein of Opeth.
Now, as Opeth fan number 1 I must disagree with that. But after all Ephemeral Ocean’s first full-length isn’t bad at all.

Melodic, Prog, Doom and Metalcore are all suitable to describe The Efflorescence. As well as gloom, complex and weird are good too. This 5-piece act from Russia have crafted something positive and solid here, even if some flaws are ready to be pinpointed.
I mean, there’s nothing really to blame them upon. They’ve been cool on their own playing. They’ve been good enough on the songwriting and the producer (or whoever mixed/mastered this album) knew what he was doing. Personally I’d say this record is one of the better-sounding album in the underground scene this year.

One detail I didn’t appreciate at all was the Metalcore-like approach that appears sometimes along the way. I do not like this kind of metal (ndt. Metalcore), and this isn’t a secret. But here it possibly ruins some otherwise-great moments out of this record.

That being said the cocktail offered by this Russian fellas is more than interesting. Take the opening The Semblance of Eternal Mist, One More Carnation and the mammoth closure No Will to hear some prog-death-fucking-badass-metal.

And oh, what did I like the most?
I liked the Cynic reminiscence. I also liked the overall mood. But most of all I loved when they remembered me of Slumber.
Don’t you know Slumber? Oh gosh. One day I have to tell you about ‘em.

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