Confine – Nemico Escatologico EP (Italy, 2015)


“Nemico Escatologico” is the debut EP for Italian punks Confine, an exuberant side project coming from members of several active bands in Veneto.
The 4-piece proposes a real flashy work (the average track length is 1 minute) of coarse, careless, lo-fi old school hardcore done just for fun. You can clearly feel the humor from the tracklist.
The band’s motto is “Lots of errors, no money. Spite. Un-commitment”.
Hear for yourself. For sure a good punk record, best served at a party with a side of beer and crowd surfing.
The album is up for free download on Bandcamp.


  1. Intifada
  2. Vuoi che ci chiariamo? Chiariamoci
  3. M.O.R.E.T.Z.
  4. Madonna
  5. Bestia
  6. Maurizio

Label: self-released
Bandcamp | Facebook
Release date: 25 February 2015
Reviewed by Rizzo

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