Cimmerian Shade Recordings announce new release: Suffer Yourself

Cimmerian Shade Recordings presents a new release, this time by Suffer Yourself from Sweden. The band plays a captivating shade of doom metal. This is instantly reaclls of great bands such as Catacombs (US), Hierophant, Skepticism, Thergothon, Dusk and even Disembowelment.

“The music is doleful, having a coarse quality and yet remains magnificent in its expression. Supremely atmospheric, it immediately transports you to a bleak and desolated area, where you find yourself reflecting upon the hopelessness of humanity. It also acts as a strange salve with its inherent melodies, a reminder of beauty against the backdrop of futility. The more you listen to this, the more you get sucked in. Proceed with caution.”


Track list: 

1. Ectoplasm
2. Abysmal Emptiness
3. The Core
4. Dead Visions
5. Transcend the Void

Check out Cimmerian Shade Recordings Website for more info:

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