Review: Christopher Tignor – Along a Vanishing Plane (USA, 2016)

This album, without its proper video version, may be tricky. An authentic pitfall. You’d never think Christopher Tignor not only played and composed everything by himself, but he also live-recorded the entire album. No overdubs, ladies and gentlemen. -That’s what it seems, at least-

Along a Vanishing Plane is basically an ambient piece of work. Very calm, quiet and pondering which offers sensible neofolk shades due obviously to the usage of the violin as main instrument. Other ones on this disc include a bass drum, hi-hat and a pitchfork. That’s it. Everything else you hear is generated by software. Our dear Mr.Tignor did craft those programs and he also made them freely downloadable over here:
Now, me keep on babbling about this unusual performing method would be pointless. Hence, enjoy this brief piece taken from the album itself:

I know what you’re thinking now. And yeah, this guy is not only “smart & fancy technologies” but also amazing and contemplative music. I can’t help myself, in fact, from cherish this airy yet cinematic recording. And I bet you can’t avoid to love this too if you’re already into this genre.


The real beauty of Tignor’s new fatigue is that beyond any cool tool he may have used, the result is emotively deep anyway. I literally found myself dreaming with the long suite Artifacts of Longing or the shiny-morning-beauty of One Eye Blue, One Eye Black. Even if it’s the album closure the part that got me excited the most. Dead Letter Library and The Will and The Waiting, placed right at the end of Along a Vanishing Plane mesmerize, catch you and then let you fall again into this world. Those are the most melancholic, introspective tunes of the entire disc and they would work amazingly as soundtrack in any dramatic movie. You know, when the main character has some sort of suffering. When he gets let down by life in many cruel ways. Yes, that would be the spot for this songs to be played in. Emotional.

Folks. If this is not one of the best and most interesting work I’ve heard this year, I really do not know what this is then! Suggested, suggested and again suggested.

Label: Western Vinyl
Websites: Facebook | Bandcamp | Website
Release Date: 16th September 2016
Reviewed by Matteo “Teo” Gruppi

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