Chiral releases new video ‘The Gazer’ anticipating new album due out October 27th


Italian Atmospheric Black Metal/Folk one-man act Chiral will be releasing its new album ‘Gazing Light Eternity’ on October 27th, self-released independently by the band itself.

The band has posted a new video of the opening track of the album, which has been shortened and edited exclusively for this preview:

Gazing Light Eternity is the 3rd full-length album by the Italian act, after its 2014 ‘Abisso’ and the most acclaimed 2015 record ‘Night Sky’.
This new release is “an album about time” as it narrates the evolution and perception of the perpetual flow of time on men, places and memories. More specifically, the overall concept stands on the subject of that moment “when everything just seems to move on and you find yourself stuck in a moment, instead.”

Chiral Promo 2016_2 copia

Musically ‘Gazing Light Eternity’ brings more post and ambient influences than the previous Chiral works, also the folk-ish elements have been “resized” to leave more space to a DSBM vein -in the heavy tracks- and a more ambient/post-rock related one for the “quiet tunes”.
Gazing Light Eternity’ sounds definitely less melodic than ‘Night Sky’, but clean yet dark choirs and vocals have been used, along to heavily distorted guitars, to increase the emotional effect of the album.
Gazing Light Eternity’ due out October, 27th on all major digital stores and as a limited self-released Digipack (with additional arts by Andrea Effulge).


1. Part I (The Gazer) – 14:50
2. Part II (The Haze) – 6:21
3. Part III (The Crown) – 13:15
4. Part IV (The Hourglass) – 6:09

Chiral is:
Matteo “Teo” Gruppi: music

plus guests:
Andrea “Rizzo” Rizzieri: spoken on “Part II (The Haze)”
Andrea Effulge: photos & graphics

Chiral Promo 2016

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