Chart Time: 5 Records I Shouldn’t Have Bought

I buy a lot of records every month, and even though I try to be more than careful on how I spend my own money, not all the time I succeed. Unfortunately, I’ve bought some unbelievable crap over the years, I’m also deeply ashamed of certain ones.
To let the shame flow, I got myself in front of the CD shelf the other day and tried to pick at least 5 titles I could have left at the store.
Anyhow, no record nor artist has been abused to compile this article!

5. Draconian – Sovran

My mistake has been purchasing this record in the heat of the moment. (Ow, how many times I made this kinda mistake!).
Draconian’s latest effort isn’t bad at all, it’s a good one actually. But it is extremely catchy, and while I totally loved it for the first dozen of plays it so easily grew boring as it turned from catchy into foregone.
Too bad I also bought the limited edition double vinyl LP, dammit!

4. Insomnium – Shadow of The Dying Sun

Same as above, but this one is sooooo boring!
I mean, except for 2-3 tunes, the remaining are all so similar to each other and to each and every other Insomnium songs…and to every other strictly melodic death metal band. (Apologies for all the melo death band members outta here, but c’mon, you do know that too, don’t you?)

3. At The Gates – Garden of Grief

Seems like a lot of melo death I’ve bought turned out to be something I would have been ashamed of.
I don’t know how it happened, but I’ve never got the only true brilliant At The Gates record. In fact, Slaughter of The Soul doesn’t appear on my shelf.
This Garden of Grief, well, it’s something. It’s their debut EP, but since I played it once in a lifetime, it probably means something, right?
Probably it means I should have left it to Amazon.

2. Derek Sherinian – Blood of The Snake


Oh my! I’m sorry!
I’m deeply ashamed for this. It is just awful. In my defense I can say I used to love Dream Theater so much (I loved D.Sherinian’s contribution to the band), that is why I bought this one. But seriously, I repent. Hahaha
Icing on the cake: the unlikely cover version of Mungo Jerry’s In The Summertime featuring Billy Idol and Slash. I can easily leave out all the rest…

1. Nachtmystium – The World We Left Behind

I really can’t say whether this album is crap or not, in fact I never played it once.
My regret is based on what happened in the shade of the “farewell” record of the US band.
In the case you don’t know, Blake Judd, Nachtmystium’s mastermind, scammed hundreds of fans as the album pre-orders kicks in. He did take money for the albums which have never been shipped to fans.
I “unfortunately” received mine, as I pre-ordered it directly from the label -for the record, Century Media refunded some of the fans who have been scammed-. Anyway, even if I got my copy safe and sound, I never listened to it ‘cause the whole episode disgusted me too much.
So, that makes this album the ONE I would have never bought.

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