Book Review: The 30-Minute Guide to Getting More Fans


If you’re here that’s because you’re probably interested in music promotion. If you do, and you’ve never heard of Jesse Cannon before, you’ve been missing out on something.
Without being overly cheesy, this man wrote THE BEST BOOK EVER for music (self)promoter wannabes. His Get More Fans manual is simply the most complete, clear-cut and smart guide to help you realise your undisclosed desires in the music field.

And what is “The 30-Minute Guide to Getting More Fans” then?
Ok, here’s the point. The original J.Cannon’s book counts more than 700 pages. It’s awesome but not easy to digest. It has a lot of incredibly useful information among its pages but that obviously results in a very-long reading. Basically we can see at this “30-Minute guide…” represents a terrific recap of the “original” book. Also it has been launched within the new service Noise Creators*, and guess who’s behind it!?

What can this small guide can do for you?
Well, first of all it’s free. I encourage you to follow this link and grab a copy:
After that, you should read it from top to bottom in like a 30-minute read, or 1 hour and half for the dumbest like me! It will surely introduce you to a whole world of new ideas you probably would have never thought, in the case this is the first book about music promotions you leaf through. Otherwise you’ll encounter some new concepts or, worst case scenario, you will review the most important principles for trying and give your music a chance to stand out.
I’m pretty sure that after that 30-minute reading you’ll be craving for the “complete” book this time. ‘Cause yes, this one worked out just fine as an appetizer, but now you want to know more. How can I blame you after all!?
Anyway, if you’ve found yourself in this very condition, well, I don’t mean to leave you starving like this. Here, go ahead: Get More Fans.

A Couple of Final Notes

The BOOK isn’t for everyone, but this sorta “recap” entitled The 30-Minute Guide to Getting More Fans is totally that. But be aware, without any will to get your hands dirty and spend a lot of time for understanding and working on promoting yourself any book in the world will fail in getting your music ahead of other musicians, neither the Holy Bible will make this happen!

Publishing this short e-book has been a smart move. Mr.Cannon got to promote both his own classy book and the new service he co-founded (Ed. Noise Creators) in one shot. Two birds with one stone, so to speak.

And finally I wanted to send a big, big thanks to Jesse Cannon himself (if he will ever read this horrible review). Just to let him know his book helped me out a lot and undoubtedly opened my eyes about many factors of the biz. Cheers man!

*FYK Noise Creators is a brand new service/platform meant to get together indie artists and producers looking for bands to work with.

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