Bite-Sized Reviews #7

Reviewed in this episode:

Nerve – electronic music from the USA
Zhea Erose – electronica/drum & bass from the USA
James Norbert Ivanyi – prog metal from Australia
Latone Odola – dark folk from the USA

Nerve – Ghosts Of Tomorrow (USA, 2015)

The undisputed king of the breakbeat aka Mr. Jojo Mayer is back with new material. Here you’ll find the usual all-human analog “live electronica” of Nerve trademark, and let’s not forget about Jojo’s  evergreen awesome drumming. Tons of great grooves and fills to make your head bop and your mouth go “umph!”. Even if you’re not particularly into this style or Mayer’s drumming, it’s still some great background music. Chilling and exciting at the same time.

Zhea Erose – Icosahedron (USA, 2016)

Chilling electronica \ drum and bass with progressive, classical and ambient influences. Dense arrangements and lengthy tracks, really good compositions and not an easy album to digest! It’s very atmospheric so I invite you to have a listen and let your mood be guided by the music.

James Norbert Ivanyi – The Usurper (Australia, 2016)

A short 3-track EP. Instrumental with a proggy edge, its mood reminds me of a less-metal-more-rock Liquid Tension Experiment with a sprinkle of 70s, though still maintaining an overall modern vibe. A nice work form one of Australia’s most promising young musicians.

Latona Odola – Latona Odola (USA, 2015)

Melodic, female-fronted, pensive dark folk. A candle-light listening session is advised!

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