Bite-sized reviews #6

Featured in this episode of Bite-Sized Reviews:

Abysswalker – Dark Ambient from Germany
Christian Culak – Post Metal from the US
Grandmother Corn – Funky Blues from Finland
Indeterminate – Prog Metal from Finland
Joel Lindfors – “Electronical, Orchestral, Prog and a bit of jazz” from Finland

Abysswalker – Void (Germany, 2016)

Dark ambient (I perceive a little of Dark Souls in the choice of the logo and the name, am I wrong?) inspired by the sea and its feral creatures. A gloomy atmosphere will descend to your surroundings when  you are listening to this album, trying to pull you down into the deepness of sea and sound. Really enjoyed the sudden drop of tune in “A Multidude of Drops”. It might not be the freshest, innovative album you’re searching, but if you like Agalloch, especially the darkest, angriest part of their songs you will like Void, which concept is inspired by the fantasy mythology.

Christian Culak – The Divine Paradox (USA, 2016)

Seven instrumental tracks inspired by Hermetic philosophy. Prog and orchestral are blended together to create an immersive atmosphere, even more immersive thanks to the decision of linking together all the tracks in just one. Harsh guitars, and some non-conventional tempos are what forms the structure of this album, which sometimes is really difficult to be listened. In some points I thought Christian went out of tempo and I know I am wrong, but that was what the song sounded like. What I appreciated most were all the parts where the piano kicks in. Also difficult is to dig into what Hermetic philosophy is, and how these tracks are linked to that topic.

Grandmother Corn – Grandmother Corn (Finland, 2015)

They are Finnish, but they sound English. If you want to take a rest from growl vocals, double kick and aggressive guitars, come to listen to this blend of blues and funky. You can hear some influence from brit rock, but still Grandmother Corn is full of well-constructed guitar riffs, cool tempos and all in all it’s a really enjoyable album. It has personality, especially in the construction of the sound of the whole album and for being their first one, it’s a good starting point.

Indeterminate – Indeterminate (Finland, 2016)

A sound that goes from post metal to some thrash metal riffs and a singer capable of passing from growl to clean in a blink of an eye is Indeterminate. Again, it’s not an innovative album, there are tons of bands that follow the way of post-metal/prog, and in addition to this all the songs sound in some ways similar to each other. I didn’t like it very much, mostly because of its lacking of originality and personality.

Joel Lindfors– Solitude (Finland, 2016)

Electronical, Orchestral, Prog and a bit of jazz makes up for Solitude. All these genres are well mixed in the various instrumental tracks, I think Joel has done a good work in blending all together, without sounding pedantic. This very talented musician has done a huge amount of work to make sure that everything sounds perfectly, and it does!

Every part of every song is well-linked, it almost flows sometimes as a gentle stream, sometimes like an angry flood through your ears, switching from a genre to another, creating an incredible variation of atmospheres. It’s something you rarely hear, in my opinion even from a triple A production.

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