Bite-Sized Reviews #4

Fuath – I (Scotland, 2016)

Strictly (Atmospheric) Black Metal project by Andy Marshall’s Saor. Even though I think Saor’s music is just great, here Mr. Marshall relies in a land over-flooded by black metal clichés and old-fashioned solutions. In my humblest opinion there’s nothing so impressive here to be glorified.

Camel of Doom – Terrestrial (UK, 2016)

Camel of Doom, and you can tell it by the name, are a solid evidence of progressive doom metal, infused in psychedelic atmospheres. They sound complex and mesmerizing while remaining pretty heavy.
Probably the variety of the vocal styles could be improved a bit, but it’s definitely a record that will please a lot of fans of the genre.

Faunalord – Eternisciencia (Spain, 2016)

Lustre’s fans from all over the world, today’s your day, a new clone of the Swedish master has come!
Oh no, I didn’t mean to sound offensive, actually this album is brilliant. I just wanted to warn you it has a lot to do with the sound of Lustre. If you don’t mind that, well, congratulations if you’ve just discovered an amazing gem of ambient/atmospheric black metal! Deeply hypnotic.

Cryostasium / Thor Maillet – CTM3 (USA, 2016)

A disturbing-noisy winter landscape saturated with twisted synthetic sounds.
It’ll make you feel like you abused LSD.


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