Bite-Sized Reviews #18 – Side Darkness

Last Monday we had the “side light” but today … we are going to sink into the unholy one!
For black art lovers we offer Sordide and Thralldom. But there is also some mysterious black/doom metal with Soothsayer, Goth with Liturgy of Decay and weird-metal stuff with The Von Deer Skull.

Sordide – Fuir la lumière (France, 2016)

After their big 2014’s breakthrough, French act Sordide returns with a new, filthy full-length album released under the bleak-banner of Avantgarde Music. -We, as Italians, are proud of this label-
Fuir La Lumièere is a collection of dirty, rabid and punk-tinted black metal. It’s amazing how the production of this disc reminds me a lot of MGLA’s Exercises in Futility. It’s dense, raw yet polished enough to get rid of all the unpleasant rubbish, leaving you with just the goodness of a powerful metal assault.

The Von Deer Skulls – The Rest Is Silence (France, 2016)

This disc fits good for a challenge.
You’re challenged to understand what there’s actually in it. The Von Deer Skull melted together so many things that somehow all submerges in a twisted tier of noisy discomfort. Too bad the production doesn’t really help.

Soothsayer – At This Great Depth (Ireland, 2016)

Soothsayer‘s sophomore, 2-track EP walks that irksome path across atmospheric black and doom metal. Crowned by a sulphurous, hazy yet slightly old-styled production At This Great Depth makes a pretty nice album to help you (don’t) sleep at night.

Liturgy of Decay – First Psalms (France, 2016)

It’s sad observing a pile of good work burned down to the ground by an overly poor call for synth sounds. Symphonic (and Gothic) metal is not a genre that rejects synthetic instruments. Though you cannot surround your compositions with midi keyboards and Mickey Mouse drums. That’s a shame ‘cause Liturgy of Decay’s album has an impressive background work, not only musically but also graphic wise.

Thralldom – Time Will Bend Into Horror (USA, 2016)

Thralldom is an ominous essence surrounded by droning evilness. A black metal infused incarnation of sick depravation and dark souls. ‘Time Will Bent Into Horror’ -band’s first album after ten years of silence- alternates raw but neatly-achieved black metal with power-noise, drone and other obscure sonic tortures. Impressive is how some death metal hints can find their place too!

Good day for your soul to be haunted.

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