Bite-Sized Reviews #17

Very addictive albums approaching. Today, we have a lot of ambient oriented music. One of them falls in the darkest side, the unknown Moulderyawn. Two are deliberately electronic but with different approaches and results, BOTANY and Project-TO. And Finally the big act, Explosion in The Sky!
Have a nice one. Cheers!

BOTANY – Deepak Verbera (USA, 2016)

If you’re a fan of trippy, disorientating ambient-rooted music -with lots of influences, from jazz to world music- latest BOTANY’s fatigue is totally up for you. Otherwise I’m afraid you may have hard times following through Deepak Verbera.
This album, in fact, puts on the table a multitude of drastic changes and variation throughout the same song which makes the listening effort a true chore. This doesn’t mean it is no good. But I felt like to warn you if you were looking for that kind of ambient/electronic music to play in the background of your yoga sessions.

Moulderyawn – From Whence the Woods (We Don’t Fu***ng Know!, 2016)

It all starts as the thousandth (near)copy of Lustre. Having similar sounds, approach, structures and mood.  It all sounds nice, but foregone. Well, until the astounding happens. As the third track, Ents’ Dance -and the following Neath Blankness of Moss even more- kicks in the album evolves and turns itself into an obscure, ethereal and devouring nightmare. From now on dark ambient will rule the scene, still some raw black metal aggression will lie in wait. Nachtzeit scents are still present (especially from the “They Awoke To The Scent of Spring” era) even if Hamskifte’s LP would be a closer call.
We aren’t supposed to know anything else about Moulderyawn, but this “out of the blue” debut has been shocking! It’s roughly bad produced, for your knowledge. But who cares, as long as the music feels right!

Explosion In The Sky – Wilderness (USA, 2016)

Magic. Dreamy. Fluorescent.
The 4-piece band from Austin latest album is as sublime as their previous. Words are just wasted here. If you want to go for a flight far across the sky, where lucid and delightful dreams are made of ethereal guitars you just found your album.

Project-To – The White Side, The Black Side (Italy, 2016)

This would be the “Disco Aperitivo” if I’d review it in Italian. It roughly translates into “Cocktail-hour record”.
Project-TO’s double sided album The White Side, The Black Side would be the perfect match for a tasty cocktail and some extravagant finger food. All must be taken in an utterly fancy club of the cool area of Milan. Besides the fact I’m getting terribly hungry this record is as mellow as it could become animated and bring you to slowly yet ungracefully dancing. -The alcohol of the drink will take care of that.

The cocktail delivered by this 3-piece project from Turin is somehow variegated but still firm in its electronic niche of orientation. I think we may assert it is somewhere between clubbing music and EDM. In fact the rhythmic session is prominent and engaging even when the music gets almost dreamy and profound. See what happens on Look Further for example. Also the use of pattern and vocal loops covers an important part of the entire work, contributing to make it even harder to decipher.
The result is acid, hypnotic yet baffling and bewildering visions. Like someone dropped you the wrong pill along with that cocktail. Mama told you not to trust strangers, didn’t she?

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