Bite-Sized Reviews #12

Welcome to our 12th issue of these musical snacks. Today we’re dealing with some psychedelia, blackened dark ambient, djent and instrumental rock.

Space Monkey Death Sequence – People Are Alike All Over (USA, 2015)

space monkey death sequence people are alike all over

The album is proposed as “a 60’s sci-fi adventure”. I am not familiar with the show “The Twilight Zone” which inspired the author Dominic Francisco aka Space Monkey Death Sequence according to the description, but I can feel a certain sense of detachment and nostalgia. If you like trippy and psychedelic cinematic tunes soaked in effects with a modern post-rock twist, check this out. Available for free download.

Listen and download here.

Conjuro Nuclear – ﴿ (Spain, 2016)

This project was introduced to me as “experimental music that melts so many forms of dark and minimal music like dark synth, ambient, black metal, punk, d-beat, post-punk, darkwave, industrial, psychedelic, dark folk”. I’d say the main sensibility of this specific album falls indeed within a dark ambient realm, with incursions of blackened bitterness. Advised if you are into immersive soundscapes. Available for free download.

Static Silence – Marsh (Italy, 2016)

This short EP feels more nu-metal than the self-proclaimed djent \ prog metal. The arrangements are meager in my opinion and the performance comes off as a bit amateur-ish here and there. In addition, I often feel the vocals as detached from the rest of the instrumentation, I’m not sure if that’s because of the mixing or some key issues. Production could indeed be improved as well. That being said though, I hear potential in some melodic choices in places. We all started somewhere so I’d give this a decent pass, also kudos for the choice of Italian lyrics in 2\3 of the tracks, less and less people take this route nowadays. Practice your music and mixing and you’ll level up! Favorite track: “Nebbia”. Available for free download.

Owane – Greatest Hits EP (Norway, 2015)

Owane, young guitarist from Norway, is yet another contender in the new wave of emerging rock-fusion axemen from the outer web. Not casually, a couple tracks also feature respectively Sean Ashe and Jakub Zytecki from Disperse, which you may know. With the aid of drummer Maciej Dzik, yet again of Disperse family, this short EP is a pleasant demonstration of groove and taste.

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