Bite-Sized Reviews #11

We’re staying short today, having just 3 reviews. However, this doesn’t mean we don’t have good stuff for you.
Starting with the unusual blend of atmospheric black metal of Mesarthim, passing through the spectacular one of Ashbringer and wrapping this up with the disturbing Funeral Moth’s debut LP.

Mesarthim – Pillars (Australia, 2016)

We can’t argue this one isn’t original, but, frankly I didn’t enjoy atmospheric black metal matched with electronic/house/dance (?) music. I thought it was interesting at first, but as the minutes passed I’ve been quickly discouraged by the quality of this work.
Besides that, I must acknowledge the goodness of the production.

Ashbringer – Yūgen (USA, 2016)

The atmospheric black metal act from Minnesota is back with their newest fatigue, -now as a full band- while the previous Vacant album was released by Ashbringer as Nick Stanger’s personal project.
This new work presents a neat ensemble of atmo black metal and few post elements. As Deafheaven would have made a car accident with Wolves in The Throne Room, Stanger’s band delivers intensity, melancholy and open-minded black metal with songs such as Solace, Ocean Apart, Glowing Embers, Dying Fire and the title track itself. Which is, by the way, an utterly good post-metal number featuring an astonishing female vocal.
Well, Yūgen confirms the reached maturity of this project, being the band best work as well as the best black metal album I’ve been listening to this year, so far.

Funeral Moth – Dense Fog (Japan, 2014)

Japanes doomers Funeral Moth did strike me this year (2016) with their mammoth Transience. But couple years before Makoto Fujishima’s band laid down their very first milestone.
Dense Fog comes as a slow, heavy yet agonizing piece of “Funereal” work. Three crushing tunes plus one (quiet) instrumental interlude. And a precious guitar solo on Blindness, delightfully played by Mournful Congragation’s Justin Hartwig possibly makes this album a little more special.
An introspective vision of sorrow is what awaits you, just follow the Moth when night comes.

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