Bite-Sized Reviews #1

Ekstasis – The Book of Longing (USA, 2016)

Melancholic, full of mystery, embracing and astonishing (mostly instrumental) dark neofolk music from Olympia (USA), featuring two guitars, percussions and flutes. If you like black metal, you can picture Ekstasis as bands like Alda or Falls of Rauros without the heavy part.
Slow nurturing canticles to the grandeur of the nature.

Black Whispers – Shades of Bleakness (International, 2016)

A small, good, even if a bit foregone, atmospheric DSBM record. The harsh ensemble is nicely smoothed down by the quite upfront nebula of synths.
Not so innovative but still pretty enjoyable.

Wilderun –  Sleep at the Edge of the Earth (USA, 2015)

Progressive folk metal in epic outfit. Definitely an excellent full length by this 4-piece band from Boston (USA). Whether your favourite band is Opeth, Symphony X or Solfstafir this record might be what you were looking for.

Auðn – S/T (Iceland, 2015 – re-release)

Crushing Northern Black Metal with chainsaw-style guitar riffs, blast beats and all those really fancy stuff that each black metal album has in it. Personally I found this quite boring, as I could name like hundreds of records with the same exact sounds, however, assumed that Auðn’s first opus has been well accepted by the audience I presume this might be very good for someone.
That being said, the latest 2 tracks are the best this record can offer (more atmospheric, variegated and interesting as well).

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