Chart Time: Top 5 Swedish Death Metal Records

Conversely from Black Metal I can’t appreciate modern Death Metal as much as I do love the classic one. Especially the music that came out from Sweden in the first years of the ’90s is the best ever recorded out of this genre. In my personal opinion, of course.

So these are 5 outstanding records you cannot miss. Also known as my 5 favourite Swedish Death Metal records of all time!


  1. At The Gates – The Red in The Sky is Ours

This is the full length debut of the pioneers of melodic death metal. Also this album set the first stones for the fluorishing Goteborg scene.
The songs are extremely heavy, dogged and badass. You should pay attention to Neverwhere,  City of Screaming Statues and Kingdome Come. And most of all you should be aware of the painfulness of Tompa Lindber’s wild screams.
The only flaw:  guitars have a sort of a “wet” tone that’s pretty weird.

  1. Entombed – Left Hand Path

This is quintessential Death Metal at its original and purest form. Guitars are fat, powerful and ready to hit with fast crushing riffs. Drums are huge and awesomely played by the ex-wizard of death metal Nicke Andersson. And the growl is terrific. Left Hand Path doesn’t need any further introductions, I guess, just bang your heads motherf*ckers!

  1. Edge of Sanity – Crimson

Did you know Dan Swano is a bloody genius?
Well, he is in case you didn’t. And if you don’t know why, then give Crimson a shot and you’ll get it!
This epic 40-minute track, which fits the entire album, is so elaborate as it is catchy. Evil and progressive as well. The drumming is solid and impressive, the vocals are even better. I cannot imagine how death metal could have been without Edge of Sanity! Seriously.

  1. Dismember – Like An Everflowing Stream

And here we have another cult album of Swedish Death metal. This record has an unbelievable solid production: bright, full-bodied, huge and deep.
Dismember’s debut album hit hard like few else at their time, and they would have few rivals today as well. Matti Kärki’s monster growl is granitic and beat up so god damn hard. But the six-strings riffage marked the turning point of the genre. Just insert the CD, few seconds and the best Death Metal riff ever is ready to swamp like a bloody tsunami! Hence Override The Overture is a total classic, but also Dismembered and Skin Her Alive aren’t less violent.


  1. Eucharist – A Velvet Creation

An authentic pearl. Possibly a little underrated too.
If you never heard of this monolithic act from Goteborg, which plays an incredible (and slightly melodic) Death Metal formula, well you’d want to play them right here, right now!
A Velvet Creation has everything you need to dig hours and hours of heavy listening. Besides the above mentioned melodic Death Metal skeleton you’ll be hearing proto Black Metal-ish hints, somehow recalling early Dissection, but way more aggressive.
That’s a shame for the limp production, but this is pure gold!
Don’t waste any more time of your senseless lives, go play this…and give your lives a meaning!

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