Barbelith – Mirror Unveiled (USA, 2015)

by Teo


Mirror Unveiled comes as a lighting in my sky.
I’ve never heard of this mysterious act from Maryland before. But Barbelith is surely one of the greatest discoveries in 2015 so far.

As a long-time lover of bands (as you might know if you’re a loyal reader of this blog) such as Wolves In The Throne Room and Weakling I couldn’t believe my eyes (my ears actually) when I first listened to this thing. But yes, someone made it. Someone put together the aggressiveness of the almighty Weakling, the sorrow (…and vastness!?) of the Weaver brothers’ compositions and the grandeur and folkish-feelings of Fall of Rauros. It sounds amazing, doesn’t it!?
Yes, I’ve been amazed too!

Moving to the compositions side, the songs all look pretty solid, with few (or none) boring parts.
Probably the most convincing one is Astral Plane with its heavily distorted melody and the distressing vocals. Excellent is the drum-work all over the record, dynamic and wild as we can expect from a record of this music genre.
The bass guitar maybe could have been mixed a touch upfront…but yes, we’re kinda used to this technical choice these days.

While Astral Plane it’s an outstanding track the most exciting part on Mirror Unveiled is near the closure of Black Hole of Fractured Reflections. Probably the most Weakling-sounding moment, with an accelerating guitar riff and the slowed down finale which lead us straight towards the final track Reverse Fall through never ending guitar’s feedback.

But yes, sadly I should make a little complain also on such a record.
C’mon…the cover, what the hell is that!?
I don’t think it fits music at all. Maybe someone could think that was a brave and bright move, personally I found it a bit crappy.

But hey, besides that Mirror Unveiled is an outstanding record. And once again it’s one of my favourite albums of 2015, so far. Cheers to Barbelith.

– “Mirror Unveiled” out on June 9th through Grimoire Records and Fragile Branch Recordings



1. Beyond the Envelope of Sleep
2. Astral Plane
3. Black Hole of Fractured Reflections
4. Reverse Fall


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