Bite-Sized Reviews #3 – Avantgarde Music Special

Drought – Rudra Bhakti (International, 2016)

Does “Noise, hardcore crushing black metal” ring you any bell?
In any case that would be the right description to introduce this Drought’s work. Starting from the beginning we have: one very noisy intro-track. Two fast, breathless tunes…and a final 12-minute epic which spans across ambient, drone, black metal and finally some post-hardcore/sludge too!
Definitely an interesting yet unusual work.

Astral Path – An Oath to The Void (Canada, 2016)

I’m starting to believe that “atmospheric” is becoming the new trend in black metal music. But honestly, who cares as long as it cranks out records like this one. Soft and elegant, “An Oath to The Void” is a great companion for your dreamy yet quietest nights.
Also the opener “Maroon Sea” is spectacular.

Auriga – VII – Dimensions of Asimmetry (Lebanon, 2016)

Whether you like Mare Cognitum, Midnight Odyssey or Darkspace, Auriga’s album is your cup of tea.
Half dark ambient and half noisy black metal. Half hypnotic, half crushing and a third half (!?) disturbing.
Advised against if you can’t sleep at night!

The Howling Void – The Triumph of Ruin (USA, 2016)

Would it be foregone if I say I liked this band more at the era of “The Womb Beyond the World”?
Even if it’s true for me, I’m appreciating the evolution of the one-man act from Texas while he’s drawing near to a Summoning type of sound.
Lovers of atmospheric/epic metal rejoice, a new The Howling Void is in town!

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