Review: Aureole – Alunar (USA, 2014)

Finally it’s out!!!
I’ve waited for such a long time for this album to be released.
I listened to the first track a long time ago, and I definitely fell in love with it. But unfortunately the whole album was never released until the past week. (I wrote this review the week after the album’s official release).

Aureole is a one-man band, based in USA, created by M.S. (Markov Soroka).
Alunar is his first album under the Aureole moniker, available only in digital format, but it’ll be issued on tape very soon through Fallen Empire Records.

After I listened closely to Alunar, the opening track still remains my first choice.
Citadel Alunar is a great piece of atmospheric black metal sadness.
If I have to pick just one word to describe this song I’ll pick “Obscure”. This song is really obscure, one of the most obscure tracks I’ve ever listened to.

Another standout tune which I really enjoyed is Crusade of NGC 5128, more ambient oriented than the other tunes, but very gloomy and emotional. However each and every track is very good here. They’re all really blended together and they set a very sad mood that lasts for the entire length of the album.

This record will definitely bring you into another dimension.
A dimension ruled by shadows, solitude and fear. Maybe you’ll be dreaming or maybe you’ll be wide awake, you’ll never know, but for sure this album will let you dip into the most somber part of your soul.

P.S.: please notice that Aureole had the bravery to set the album as a free download on his Bandcamp page. So feel free to listen to the album, enjoy it, cherishing it and after all throw him a buck (or two), it’ll be appreciated, I bet.

1) I: Citadel Alunar 9:55
2) II: The Voice of Nebular Flame 6:58
3) III: The Senility of The Hourglass 3:55
4) IV: Crusade of NGC 5128 11:41
5) V: Alunar, Decrepit… 10:44

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