Review: Astrum Malum – Nether Knot (Finland, 2014)

From the deep underground of the cold lands of Finland comes this odd band named Astrum Malum.
Luckily I had the chance to listen to their debut demo, Nether Knot, released by the British label Sixsixsix Music.

The music to be found in this release is a strange melting of several genres like black metal, atmospheric metal, neoclassical and electronic music with a particular taste for mid-eastern melodies.

This demo consists of 3 tracks (probably too few and too short to properly judge the actual qualities of the band) simply called part I, II and III. Very easy, isn’t it!?

As Nether Knot kicks in you’ll be impressed by the dark mood set up by the synth session and the cold voices (usually in Latin language) as well. But it’s with the entrance of the melody that you can really appreciate the grandeur of this little opus. In fact its interesting and original aspect is the meeting between the obscureness of the northern land atmospheres and the warmness and mysteriousness of the melodies, that seem to come from the ancient time of a forgotten mid-eastern population.

am2This duo (plus one, actually) project really had the bravery to deliver something unusual, and because of this I think they deserve some kind of attention.
As a plus, the demo sounds nice (considering we’re speaking of a demo, of course), the songs are well performed and the arts look good too, so why don’t you give them a chance?

Finally, I’d love to say that I’m looking forward to hearing something longer from Astrum Malum, because the premise set by this demo is quite interesting.
And I also heard that they’re working over new stuff already…so, I’m here waiting to get some news from them.



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