Artists’ Playlists (aka season’s last article)

To close up our publications for this summer, we’re coming at you with a special kind of playlist: this time, it won’t be generated by us but exceptionally by a bunch of artists whom we collaborated with over time.
We tried to get together people based in different genres, asked them to quickly introduce themselves and provide a personal 5-piece playlist with a brief comment to every track. Here, you’ll find nothing but what gives them inspiration.
Hope you enjoy this new artist-based playlist and that you can get to know new music, or at least have some curiosity towards our collaborating artists and their projects.
We would like to thank all of the artists we hosted and all of you, it’s been a great experience so far, we have reached goals we would have never expected to reach.
We received appreciations from a lot of people and this makes us pretty proud and glad of this little somber blog of ours. So, thanks a lot to each and every one of you from the very bottom of our hearts.

That being said, and no crying please, we’re taking some holidays (we deserve some, don’t we?).
Bye from The Somber Lane guys and see you in September, with a lot of exciting news!

Rizzo & Teo


teMatteo Salvestrini (from Chaos Plague, Progressive Death Metal, Italy)
“Here we are! Good morning to The Somber Lane and good morning to the Somber Lane’s readers! It’s a pleasure and an honor to be here again as Playlist maker! First of all, let me thank Teo and Rizzo for asking me this little playlist of mine! I’m Matteo Salvestrini, bass player of Chaos Plague (we’ve been on this amazing blog two times, go for review and interview, you won’t regret it, I swear!) we are a Progressive Death Metal band from Italy! I mainly listen to Metal music but I consider myself a “free” Music lover and I’ve tried to put in my selection a very (VERY VERY) small overview of what I appreciate. Hope you will find it enjoyable and, most of all, I REALLY hope to show you something you could discover and start to love, as I did.

  1. Spiral Architect – Insect
    This is a track taken from the unique album of Norwegian Prog Metal band Spiral Architect, “A Sceptic’s Universe”. It’s a high complex and really harsh kind of Metal. Bass guitar here has a huge presence and a leading role. I know that this is a hard listening but after the first, shocking, impact, you’ll love the fine and complex twine!
  2. Faust – Purple Children
    Opening track of “…From Glory to Infinity”. We’re in Italy and the name is Faust! Violent Death Metal, inspired by Schuldiner’s work, with some melodic breaths. I think this band hasn’t the support it deserves, the work of the brilliant Aleister Demon (Guitar and vocals) supported by a huge star like Steve DiGiorgio is an explosive mixture. ’90s Death Metal fans…here’s your summer’s soundtrack!!
  3. Alain Caron – Little Miss March
    A MASTERPICE by the canadian bass genius Alain Caron, who doesn’t need to be presented at all, taken from the album “Rythm ‘n’ Jazz. This is a great track! And it’s difficult to describe what you’re going to listen. In my opinion Fusion Music is something you cannot describe because is contour less….just put on your headphones, close your eyes and press play, trust me!
  4. Leprous – Forced Entry
    10 minutes in a flash! When you’re listening to a great track you don’t notice how long it is! The last song is the ending track of “Bilateral”, by Leprous. The incredible voice of Einar Solberg drives us into a maniacal vortex of madness and Music. This song is something special! FEEL it before listen to it!
  5. Obscura – Vortex Omnivium
    Dulcis in Fundo: In my humble opinion, this is the best Obscura’s song. The title track of the last album has something special that charms me every time I listen to it. There’s everything a Metal song needs to be a masterpiece. No other words! Special mention for one of my most important inspirations : ladies and gentlemen…Mr. Jeroen Paul Thesseling! I hope to write something like that in my career.

teeJamie Christ (from Godhole, Punk/Powerviolence, Scotland)
Hey, I’m Jamie Christ, musician, graphic designer and self-loathing wretch. I have found selecting five songs really fucking hard, recently I have been falling into the trap of getting old and constantly going back to the same bunch of albums. So here is some more recent stuff that has actually stuck out to me. Perhaps some of it will make it into the 10 albums I listen to on repeat, without deviation as soon as I’m over the age of 35.

  1. Full of Hell – Blue Limitus
    I have no shame in saying that it was Full of Hell that made me go ‘Fuck it, I’m making a new band something along the lines of this’ There are fairly clearly parallels between my band, GODHOLE and Full of Hell. Not least because of the noise/grind thing. However I was quite disappointed by the Full of Hell colab with Merzbow. Merzbows stuff is so quiet you can barely hear it. But if you just listen to this album as a Full of Hell record it’s still great.
  1. Chealsea Wolfe – Feral Love
    Chealsea Wolfe is totally awesome. She’s like Burzum crossed with Florence and The Machine. I know that description would put a lot of people off, but check out this track and the amazing video for it. So atmospheric and dark, yet deeply emotive and touching music.
  1. Death Grips – Takyon
    When I first heard Death Grips, I was like ‘FUCKING FINALLY someone is doing hip hop like how I would do it.’ (I currently am actually working on a noisy as fuck hip hop project with Irish Dirtcore legend Roysta). Its fucking angry, noisy-assed rap with interesting, introspective lyrics.
  1. The Menzingers – Rodent
    I find it hard to get into more melodic type punk, but when I do, I get totally obsessed with it. I have listened to this album truly to death. A lot of bands as they get more melodic get less angry, but with these guys you can still really hear their passion and frustration. The lyrics are pretty thought provoking, which is great as they are mainly singing about real life stuff.
  1. Woods of Desolation – Somehow
    This is probably one my favorite Black Metal albums ever. It is just so, so, so beautiful. This song in particular is so majestically triumphant it makes me want to sob like a child both in joy and misery.


teteJurre Timmer (from Algos, Melodic Death/Doom Metal, Holland)

Hello, I’m Jurre. I’m the guy behind Melodic Death/doom metal project, Algos.
I’ve always been drawn to sad music since i was young but I’ve been asked to make a list of my most influential songs/bands, It would probably be this.
With 5 bands/songs I am bound to miss out on a lot of amazing bands and songs but these 5 are pretty much what shaped me the most.

  1. Swallow the sun – Swallow.
    I found this song while listening to Pandora when that was still a thing, I was blown away at the heaviness of it but yet how sad it could be. I was just waiting for the vocals cause that’s mostly a deal breaker for me. But they turned out to be one of the best thing I’ve heard.
  1. In Mourning – The Black Lodge
    As I grew deeper in the doom metal genre I found this band as soon as they released their debut and is to date still my biggest inspiration as a band, their use of melodies and lyrics on every song is just incredible.
  1. Novembre – Cobalt Of March
    Huge fan of this band, probably my most listened band of the last 5 years.
    Everything they have done for the last 4 albums is just fantastic really. Great lyrics as well.
  1. Dax Johnson – A Father and a son
    Dax Johnson is an artist that died way before he was supposed to, my all-time favorite pianist to a point where I named my cat after him! and took huge inspiration from him on writing piano parts.
  1. Woods Of Ypres – Traveling Alone
    This album always had a way of feeling like it was written for me, which sounds insanely selfish but I think David Gold had the same idea when writing music when I do. He wanted people to feel related to it.
    Another artist that died way before his time, and as a song writer/performer is probably my number 1 inspiration.

eeeMirko Savi (from StrawDaze, Folk\Punk, Italy)

My name is Mirko Savi, I’m a metalworker for a living and singer in the folk-punk band StrawDaze for passion.
I always believed music could change the world for the better, with its lyrics, rhythm or melody. On the “other” side of the stage, musicians get changed for the better too while their music flows.
This does happen, as music lets emotions, movements, ideas, action and changes spurt out.
Music lives inside us, with us, through us, letting us experience intense, strong feelings.
Every single concert is an opportunity to grasp for personal growth, and above all for the collective growth of a community, to experience that “river” of energy and life all together, that river which can change our reality.
In the end, that’s what I always thought of music and always will.

  1. Linkin Park – Faint
    I use this song as a stress reliever whenever I need to calm down and relax, letting some tension fade away. Kinda like a life buoy when you’re in deep sea.
  1. Nomadi – Il Vecchio e il Bambino
    A fairly sad song, with a melancholic feel. It gets you thinking, above all of the passing of time. It lets you understand you must not waste it. And dreaming isn’t wasting time at all!
  1. Rancid – California Sun
    I always liked this song, we used to play it with the band in the early days too. Let’s say it feels really “summer-y” to me, and that’s good!
  1. AC\DC – Hells Bells
    Probably one of the very first rock songs I ever listened to in my life, it ignited something in my mind and it all started from there!
  1. Peter Punk – Il Buffone Di Corte
    Even who’s seen as a failure, or the weakest link, can have his own moment of glory and revenge. This is a topic I personally feel in a strong way, as it belongs a little to my life too, in the end. We were playing this one too at the beginnings of the band’s project, and it always pumped me like crazy, as the rage was free to come out!


 Simon (from Onyria, symphonic metal, Italy)
Hi, Simon here I’m the lead guitarist, producer and founder of the Symphonic Rock band Onyria. Genre-wise I’m really inclined to listen to alternative rock, modern rock, heavy metal, symphonic stuff. The rule is simple: the melody has to be there and lead the song.
I’m a lazy listener, most of the times I’m just listening to old records because I don’t have enough time to check out the fresh ground and stuff made by newcomers.
These are 5 songs I’m mostly listening while driving to work nowadays, pretty diverse, quite a different range of styles. I’m open to commercial stuff as seen on the Hozier mention.

  1. Nightwish – Elan
    I had great expectations considering Floor’s vocal performance at wacken. Weak and inconclusive. I’m trying to bond with this album but I just can’t.
  1. Nothing More – Mr. MTV
    These guys seriously kicks ass. Very powerful modern rock with a djenty/alt rock approach. The singer is out of this world. Great themes, übergreat musicianship. Just take a listen to their acoustic version of ‘This is the time’. They ooze aggressiveness like no one else in the rock scene.
  1. Hozier – Take me to church
    At first I just hated this song. Too much radio play kills the song’s value iMO. But after digging into Hozier’s background I discovered an artist. I personally love those dark and gloomy atmospheres he’s capable of. The songwriting is rough, genuine and frantic. Can’t stand the new single though.
  1. Periphery – The scourge
    Love the guitar tones, hate the song. I really can’t get the point in P songs, it’s like a bunch of random riffs glued together, some polyrhytm showoff, random and cheesy vocal. Production and mix is great, but the song has no structure.
  1. Opeth – The Devil’s Orchard
    One of the most controversial and diverse album made by Opeth. I really love the 70’s feel and the progressive rock sound they managed to obtain throughout the album. The nuances and playing dynamics are a clear example of what a progressive band should be: clean and precise players that have no need to hide themselves behind tons of gain and distortion.
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