Review: Another Feedback – Another Feedback EP (Italy, 2014)

Another Feedback are a 5-piece rock band from Milan, Italy. This 6-track EP is their second release and their second self-titled EP as well.

At a first glance, this work instantly gave me some strong Alter Bridge\Mayfield Four vibes, mostly in vocal melodies but in overall arrangement ideas as well. The EP reminds me of latter Incubus and Audioslave in places too.

The singing is good and emotional and the instrumentation gives a chilling, quite minimalist and may I say “post-rockish” background to it. My favorite track has been “From Today”, probably the most dynamic song on the EP in my opinion, featuring nice layering of guitar and piano and a central heavy riff that just screams “Tom Morello” all over the place.

“The Journey” brings some more variety to the table: some guitar harmonies and a short guitar solo bring the song a step further towards a heavy metal feel. Also, the spoken word outro adds to the atmosphere.

The last song “NFNC” is in my opinion the most heavy and riff-driven one on the EP, and has definitely a grungier feel compared to the others.

Concluding, the EP brings a melodic, melancholic and sometimes “dreamy” vibe, but can definitely rock too. I would have appreciated a little more variety and dynamics in the overall arrangement and I feel a lack of guitar solos as well but that’s just my personal taste.
That’s just a short EP and furthermore just the second release of the band, so it is a good starting point for sure! If you’d like to hear some solid melodic rock, check Another Feedback out.




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