A Chat With Andrew Hart (Nox Aeternum)

SL: Hi Andrew, and thank you for giving us the possibility for this interview!
So, could you introduce yourself for the ones who still didn’t hear about you?

AH: Thank you very much for the support and enthusiasm.  My name is Andrew C. Hart, and my project is called Nox Aeternum.  The music is meant to be a reflection of a particular side of my inner spirit.  I write, play and produce everything in my living room by myself.

SL: Now you made me really curios! Tell me more about this kind of your inner spirit, if you want of course?
And why did you choose to start an one-man band and not a full band? Is there a particular reason behind this?

AH: Well, for me music has always been about attempting to articulate what can’t be expressed in everyday life. I think the best music is an honest reflection of the creator’s instincts and emotion. Regardless of style, I like sounds that give me a sense of transcendence from everyday existence.

I made Nox Aeternum a one-man project primarily because it is easier to finish something in a reasonable amount of time when you do it alone.  I’ve been in so many bands throughout my life and too much time is wasted doing things other than creating music.  I’ve gotten to the point where I write as I record which adds a whole other dimension to my creative process. Ultimately, by doing things on my own I think I’ve become more in tune with my own capabilities musically/vocally and I’m free to do exactly what I want at any moment.  I would never rule out having a band or doing shows, but for now being creative is all I need.

SL: As you probably know, a lot of people discredit one-man bands for the use of many synth instruments and drum machines, what is your opinion about that?

AH: I guess it depends on who is doing the discrediting.  99% of full bands don’t track exclusively live instruments either. I don’t have that strong of an opinion on the subject…I prefer the sound of old albums with all live instruments and if I had the space for a drum set I would much rather track the drums live.

SL: I know you have just released your first full-length album. Can you tell us something about it?
Where do you draw inspiration from, for the songwriting?

AH: In Girum Imus Nocte Et Consumimur Igni, was recorded last month.  I wrote all of these songs well before those on the Vale Nostri Moriens Spiritum EP.  These songs were older ideas which I felt needed to be finished and released before moving on to other things.

I constantly have music running through my head.  Most ideas come to me when I am doing anything but playing; as far as lyrical concepts go, I keep these to myself.  Each text has a significant meaning for me which is personal.  I think the messages within the songs speak for themselves and the listener can interpret them as he or she chooses.

SL: I’m really interested about your musical background. What are some artists or bands you like the most?

AH: My musical background is mostly in jazz and classical music.  Artists like Coltrane, Miles Davis, Bireli Lagrene, Chick Corea, Lizst, Debussey, Chopin, Mussorgski, Beethoven etc.  My early metal influences are mostly old thrash metal, but I try to take influence from everything I hear.

SL: Wow, you have such great influences!
What do you see in the future of Nox Aeternum?

AH: Well there is a lot of room for me to experiment at this point.  I just finished a cover this morning that will be available for free soon.  I am doing a side project as well which will be MUCH different from Nox. As far as the next album, I have lots of ideas to work with at this point its more a matter of organizing the concept.

SL: Besides music, do you have any other hobby?
What do you do for a living?

AH: Music is what I live and die for.  By day I am a business systems analyst.

SL: Well Andrew, we have come to the end. But before we wrap up this interview, if you have anything to say to our readers, your fans or if you have any final thoughts this is your moment!

AH: Thank you very much for your time and good luck with your new projects!
Thanks for taking the time Teo.  To anyone who has checked out my stuff, I greatly appreciate it.  Stay metal and stay posted because there is much more to come.  \m/

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