A chat with Andrea Fornari

Andrea is Italian but lives in Luxembourg. He sings in English but he actually loves Italian music. He has just released a lovely 5 track EP entitled ‘Home’ that is all about the songs. Beautiful, catchy songs that could fit perfectly in any high standing European music environment. If you think an artist like Ed Sheeran or John Mayer couldn’t be ever from Italy you’re terribly wrong, mate!

Me and Andrea chatted a little about music, his latest EP ‘Home’, his life abroad and a couple of other nice things. So, I’m done with the prelude and let’s dig into the “world” of Andrea Fornari.

Hey Andrea, thanks for giving us the chance for this brief chat.
What should our readers know about you?

Hi, my pleasure. I’m a 29 years old singer and songwriter, born in Turin and now based in Luxembourg, since 2 years.

One of my idols is Michael Jeffrey Jordan.

You’re new album ‘Home’ has just been released. Why did you choose to put it out in digital format only? Can we expect a physical version as well?

Well, with my Label we decided to test first the digital market and see the reaction of the people and the fans. Nowadays streaming is one of the faster way to get in touch with music, to discover new music, and to listen to music everyday. I know that the physical version of an album or an Ep has always his charm, people often wants to have something physical in their hands, more than 5 mp3 in their laptop.

I totally understand it, and I’m sure you can expect a physical version as well in the future, something that talks more with the people than a simple download.

Talking again about ‘Home’, how’s the audience response so far? And especially, I’m pretty curious to ask whether it’s doing better here in Italy or in other countries?


The reaction of the people is great, people seems to love the songs, seems to feel the songs, and that’s the most precious thing for me. To communicate something with music, emotions, feelings, whatever a listener wants to catch from what I have written.

I think that it’s doing better in Italy for the moment, especially in Milano. But you know, I live in Luxembourg, that has a really strategic position; it is in the middle of Europe and it gives you the possibility to be easily in contact with the surrounding countries, Radio, festivals etc.. it’s a such a great chance to diffuse my music all over Europe.

What do you like to write about in your lyrics?

I write about everything that I care about, usually there’s always something really personal in my songs, feelings and emotions that I felt, or that I’m feeling. Other times is just a way to tell a story.


As an Italian singer and songwriter why did you decide to sing and write your songs in English? Is it only a matter of “make it available to a wider audience” thing or there’s something else?

It’s 2 years right now that I speak Italian just with my family, and some Italian friends. I speak French everyday cause here is one of the most diffused language, English as well. Normally in Luxembourg people are able to speak without any problem a minimum of 3 languages, and Italian is not one of theme. If you are not already a famous artist in Italy I think it’s almost impossible to have chances to make an impact on the musical international scene, singing and writing in Italian.

Anyway I love Italian music, and I got something written down in Italian, hope one day I will have the possibility to produce an album in my mother tongue.

Let’s talk about your background as a musician. What are you main influences when it comes to write new music? Do you also listen to music that is totally different from the one you play?

I have listened to a lot of different genres in my life, but genre doesn’t really matter to me. All I care about when I listen to a new song or try to get inspiration for new songs, is the emotional side, the thrill. Without it there’s no sense into doing music for me, playing live or in the studio, it’s the same thing.

I’m happy when writing a song, I feel something good, I feel positive vibes. Music has a strong power, is able to change my mood and people’s mood all around the world. With a “good” and beautiful song you can make someone smile or cry, that’s the strength of music and I guess it has nothing to do with what genre you’re playing or listening.

We, at The Somber Lane, like to get to know also the Man behind the musician. So, what does Andrea Fornari do when he’s not composing, singing or doing those fancy music stuff?

Cool! I love to play basketball, absolutely. I also love to draw sometimes, it makes me feel good. And of course I love to travel and visit new places, from a good trip you can get pure inspiration sometimes.


Wrapping up: there’s anything else you’d like to say that I did not ask you? This last question is all yours.

You didn’t ask me if sometimes I miss Italy 🙂

…and of course I do. We got a magnificent territory, extraordinary cities and traditions to protect. We all have to take care about it, it is such a precious thing.


Thanks for being with us, all the best!

Thank you 🙂

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