Review: Andrea Fornari – Home (Italy, 2016)

Not so many weeks ago, I was reviewing Emanuele de Raymondi‘s excellent Exul EP. As an introductory piece I wrote the following lines. Quoting myself:

 “We don’t cover as much music from Italy as we should. We’re hypocrite dumbasses indeed. Just as every other fellow citizen we prefer to look outside the border. –It’s stupid, I admit that. Still, I can’t help it. It is entrenched in our DNA–” 

And yet again I’m proved that good music still exists in Italy! Andrea Fornari is the man who’s going to show us that we can make music projected to a foreign market. Fully enjoyable by a wide audience too.

Italian pop culture is greatly developed. This is true. But it is also true that it’s mostly composed by crappy singers who don’t even write their own songs. They often sing in Italian too, and that -plus the crappyness factor- makes a hard duty when it comes to export their music. Andrea Fornari avoids that, actually he crafts music which could score good numbers in any relevant foreign chart. He indeed sings in English, but he also “bakes” good, catchy songs that are way too easy to get into. But, who the hell is Andrea Fornari?

we’ve chatted with Andrea about this album and much more over here

He is an Italian (and I guess you’re getting this) musician, singer and songwriter. He does play a folk-ish styled pop that recalls fellas such as Ed Sheeran and John Mayer. To name a few. And his new EP Home, out for Ghost Records, gets along pretty well featuring 5 lovely, radio-friendly tracks.

As the first tune kicks in you suddenly realise how everything has been put together with precision. Andrea‘s voice doesn’t ever get blurred as he neatly and easily -or so it seems- adds one vocal layer on another -and the layers are so many! Every single little space is filled with stuff, from guitar fills to minor percussions so to build a full-bodied, busy and compact piece of work. At first glance you may find it easy and (maybe) cheesy. Truth is in the end you’ll understand it is actually so elaborate and full of tiny particulars waiting to be pointed out.

Home is a gentle work. A work that is able to comfort, cradle and breath on its own. It is full of hope and positivity that sometimes just fell into melancholic remembrances. -As it happens on 102 for example, which, with great confidence, I would crown as best tune out of the EP-

It is a record you must play in quietness and all by yourself, but it would work just fine for a road trip with your better half too. Or perhaps a chill out moment when hanging out with your pals. Still it remains something you might want to cherish calmly, so to be able to catch even the most feeble of shades.

Concluding, to name the best feature of Fornari’s latest effort we must jump back right where we’ve started. When I said this record is catchy. Assumed that, I must now make a reassessment. In fact, Home is catchy in unpredictable ways. The melody doesn’t ever go where you expected, as acoustic guitars don’t ever play any cliché parts of arpeggios. That, plus all the sweetness we discussed a while ago is surely enough to lure you to this very record. …

Home is all about “return”. Return to something familiar, a beloved person or maybe your homeland too … Home is all about the feelings and the thrills.

Label: Ghost Records
Websites: Facebook | YouTube
Release Date: 25th November 2016
Reviewed by Matteo ‘Teo’ Gruppi

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