A Chat with Anderwelt

Anderwelt is the name of this 4-piece collective hailing from Linz, Austria.
They deliver a deeply atmospheric blend of metal infused with punk and black metal.
You can reach the band by following this couple of links: Bandcamp | Facebook
But before doing that, you should give a look at what these guys told me during our brief chat.

SL: Hey guys, welcome to the Somber Lane. Thanks for giving us the chance to do this little chat with you. Would you please introduce “Anderwelt” to our readers?

Phil (vocals): We are a group of 6 people from Linz/AUSTRIA and every one of us had been playing in bands before. We founded this project about 3 years ago with the aim to make a contribution in new-age metal and post punk which is also the kind of music that some of us personally prefer.

Max (guitar): “Anderwelt“ is a collective of musicians and artists. Each member is an important part of the bigger whole.

SL: Peeping through your Facebook page I’ve been intrigued by the genre tag: “dark ambient – doom – d-beat”.
So, please explain how you can blend together these very different styles of music?

Phil (vocals): The wide variety of music styles are a result of our former musical careers that range from thrash metal over classical music to hip hop. As I am one of the members that have not been too familiar with bands like “Wolves in the throne room” or “Red Apollo” before, I attribute our genre classification to the still unknown best fitting term for bands from this emerging scene (laughing).

Max: In general it´s not as important to fix a genre to what our music belongs to but it´s a fact and a kind of must be in the music scene. So it become much easier for us to filter the stuff of music we think we belong to and that one we are not. But in my opinion it is more like a big wall around our musical horizon that we all have to break through. Just to see behind the curtain, discover the unknown and find new music.

SL: And this one comes almost obvious: which bands and artists are the most influential for your compositions?

a2Phil (vocals): I can just speak for myself, as a singer I want to close the gap between our ambient sound and the early metal ages i have been growing up with. For Anderwelt I feel mainly influenced by old Mastodon or Disillusion songs – knowing that other members would respond totally different.

Max (guitar): Well, I think that bands like “Fall of Efrafa“, “Downfall of Gaia“, “Altar of Plagues“ have inspired our music. But also music from total different spaces are influenced in our song writing. Bands like Sigur Ros, ISIS or also classical music is an important part of our influences. So “Schattenlichter“ is the result of a mixture of a lot of different bands and music we all have been listening to.

SL: Talking about your latest (and first) fatigue “Schattenlichter”, how would you describe it?

Phil (vocals): It’s the finding-us-together part that makes this album so interesting for me – knowing that this is our first record and that the future ones will sound totally different and more experienced, but it is the rough clash of our first meetings after forming this band.

Max: I would describe “Schattenlichter“ as a musical break out of all our fears, angers and illusions which are headed by hope, faith in each other and the bravery to spread out love. 🙂

SL: And how would you convince our readers to give it a spin?

Phil (vocals): I think the record is for everyone who can get lost in slow and atmospheric sounds and thus especially inspiring for people that do not listen to very heavy tones all day – a perfect metal record for metal novices and fans of rock music.

SL: Is there a concept behind the 4 tracks of your album?

Phil (vocals):Yes the concept comes from the book “The Plague Dogs” from Richard Adams. The story of the dogs fleeing from a scientific research facility back to a more nature driven life in the woods is the perfect allegory for our modern-day work machine we are all enslaved by.

Max (guitar): As we were inspired by reading this book as we had the will to give the words “wings“.

SL: Both your Facebook and Bandcamp pages are almost completely written in German. It looks like you’re trying to keep your music for a “narrow” audience, while you could express yourself in English and spread your thoughts wider. Is there a particular reason for doing so?

Phil (vocals): No definitely not. We come from a German speaking society and some readers might get problems with pure English texts. But as we plan to export to other countries this will be necessary in the near future.

SL: What can you tell us about the Austrian underground music scene?

Phil (vocals): What else could I say than it is very hard to stay alive in a world that lives from social media clicks and quality? Underground music is broken and you have to be a real fan of heaving a band to continue. My critics do not target individuals (fans and supporters are actually great) but the modern ages that more rely on social media clicks than on qualitative music.

a1Max (guitar): In our hometown there is a small part of an underground scene. I would not just call it an underground music scene as it´s more like a D.I.Y (do it yourself) community of artists, musicians and people who love the background of “d.i.y.“… we have organised a lot of nice music concerts with bands from all over the world, film presentation, also cooking and printing workshops. There are also the youngest who can print their own band t-shirts or just stay for the first time on a stage etc…. so I think the “underground“ still exists, but in a more common way.

SL: What do you guys do when you’re not playing with “Anderwelt”? Any other side project, hobby or job?

Phil (vocals): Of course my other band REAP is still alive and we just released a new record last year, our guitar player Simon is actively playing with Leinöl, the band of his family, not to start talking about all the other hobbies we would spend our time with. Also some of us already have children, there is much more to do for each than a single life will cover.

SL: Well, unfortunately this is the end of our chat. But before we wrap this up, if you have anything to say to your fans and our readers this place is yours.

Phil (vocals): Give us a try and listen our new album “Schattenlichter” from the beginning to the end – we will try to tie you to the Anderwelt!

Max: It represents our passion and energy, to invoke our families and bands that brought us here, and the approach to that define us. If we were able to glimpse the awesome beauty of the universe, it is this that we must embrace to learn a little modesty, to be humbled by what lies beyond this place we call home.

SL: Thanks for your time!

AN: Thank you!

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