An Ordinary Vision – Ai (Italy, 2015)


Ai is the first EP from An Ordinary Vision, the project of an italian bass player, Emanuele Viali. It consists of four tracks, 28 minutes length, where the influences range from Devin Townsend to Boards Of Canada to the new shade of Progressive Metal drawn by David Maxim Micic.

The album shows some interesting composition skills but it suffers from a lack of overall view and sometimes it feels to me like the various parts have been attached one to another and it’s the listener role to pick up whatever he likes.

This combined with a lack of variation stops the songs from flowing and sometimes I felt bored from the continuos repetition of some parts, especially in “Don’t Be” and “Introjection” but I noticed I regained attention as the songs changed even just a bit.

My standout track for this EP is “Ambivalence”, which features three guests: Lorenzo D’amario on guitars, Giulia Leonardi and Francesco Porchetti on vocals. This track shows a Devin Townsend/Serj Tankian-inspired style of vocals, a heavy breakdown section followed by a synth/orchestral part and an ending in a dissonant fashion.

The ending of “The Island (You Are Getting Old)” also deserves a mention because of the interesting vocal pattern sang by Giulia Leonardi.

Surely this album would have benefited from more variety, a better mix and a better arrangement-production, especially in the more “relaxed” tracks, but at the end of the day it’s just the first effort of AOV and even in its repetitiveness it shows some interesting sparks of composition. Definetely more for fans of chill/electronic music that don’t despise some heavy moments than for classic prog metal fans.

I really hope to hear some new stuff from Emanuele soon!

1. Introjection
2. Don’t Be
3. Ambivalence
4. The Island (You Are Getting Old)

Label: self-released
Websites: Facebook | Bandcamp
Release Date: October 4, 2015
Reviewed by Samuele Danieli

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