American Pagan Metal HELSOTT Announce New EP ‘The Healer’, Launch Indiegogo To Complete Recording


American Pagan Metal?  What does that mean?  Americans pretending that they are Vikings?
No, Helsott is so much more than that.  Lyrically, Helsott pay homage to all things pagan, not just Scandinavian Paganism.  American Mythology, Scandinavian Mythology, Germanic Mythology, Ancient Egyptology, Celtic Mythology, Greek Mythology, and all things Heathen.  Paganism was and still is relevant all around the world and is the main backdrop in the Theater of Helsott.  Musically, if you threw Folk Metal, Death Metal, Symphonic Metal, Thrash Metal, Classical Music and Rock n’ Roll into a smelting pot and poured its contents onto the world…that world would scream Helsott.  Meaning “Fatal Illness” in Teutonic, Helsott have already carved a piece of the Metal World for them-selves and plan on carving deeper with their beautifully brutal, pagan themed brand of metal for years to come.

HELSOTT is proud to announce they are recording their new EP ‘The Healer’ at Trench Studio in Corona, CA with John Haddad (Abysmal Dawn, Intronaut, Hirax) plus mixing and mastering being done by J-F Dagenais (Kataklysm, Ex Deo).  The EP will be the follow up to their 2014 album ‘Woven’, which the band toured the USA heavily in support of on the Pagan Rebellion tour with Arkona and Heidevolk plus their own headlining tour.

In addition to their recording, the band has launched an indeigogo campaign with the main exclusive perk for fans being a “Limited Edition Healer Shirt” designed by Heidevolk guitarist Kevin Storm. Each shirt will have the name of the contributors and the date they contributed on the back of the shirt.  HELLSOTT will also send each contributor an unreleased digital track.

Vocalist Eric Dow explains the concept behind ‘The Healer’ EP in the following video

To view indiegogo perks, please visit the following link: 

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