Almah – Within the Last Eleven Lines (Brazil, 2015)


Almah, a band stuck in the past
From Brazil’s capital city Brasilia comes Almah, a band formed by ex-Angra’s front man Edu Falaschi. Their last compilation album Within The Last Eleven Lines is basically a summary of what this band is all about: a lot of talent and potential lost in repetition.

I remember getting excited as a teenager when Falaschi’s first Angra album came out. At that point we had been listening to that genre of melodic metal for a while and it was great to finally be able to watch them live again.

Fastforwarding 15 years in time to the current date where now bands like Angra, Helloween or Gammaray are respected classics from the past but the public has moved on. While new bands are now pushing the boundaries of what is perceived as metal and expanding and mixing subgenres in the attempt to create something new, Almah is still stuck in the old Melodic Metal formula from the 80s and 90s.

Within The Last Eleven Lines starts with Wings of Revolution, an uplifting pop ballad which begins well for that radio-friendly type of song but that only lasts until the vocal starts. Although Edu Falaschi has a great vocal technique, that doesn’t make up for how cheesy his lines are. This starting song gives you an idea on what’s about to come with the rest of the album in terms of lyrical content when suddenly, out of the blue, he seems to be trying to say as many cliché sentences as he can. He actually sings in a row: “Follow through, don’t give up, take your chance” !!

You could make a drinking game out of this album, everytime Falaschi sings an overused or ridiculously silly combination of words: Shot! Every time he sings a cheesy melody line in unison with the keyboard: shot! Everytime the two guitars do 80s lines in thirds: shot! Oh boy, you wouldn’t last 3 songs!

The instrumental parts of the album make me feel like the guitars would have a lot more to say if they didn’t have to open space for the silly vocals. When this Michael Kiske wannabe shuts up, the guitars tend to start riffs that are a lot more aggressive and interesting. Sometimes even reminding me of heavy parts in songs like Dream Theater’s Root of All Evil.

If you are listening to Within The Last Eleven Lines and doing our drinking game, the 5th song Believer is the one that makes sure you’ll get drunk out of your mind! I can see they tried to do some 80’s metal ballad type of thing here, but the chorus is so unbearably bad and repetitive it makes you feel embarrassed for the band! Edu Falaschi will repeat the meaningless and childish words “Believer! Chase the evil with the power of your mind” so many times it might make you feel suicidal.

After listening to this whole album I would certainly advise the band to ditch their celebrity singer and focus their musicians’ imense talent in writing something unique. It might make it harder to sell as many concerts at first but it is the best way to create something meaningful.


1. Wings of Revolution
2. Days of the New
3. Beyond Tomorrow
4. Breathe
5. Believer
6. Living and Drifting
7. Torn
8. King
9. Warm wind
10. Trace of Trait
11. Birds of Prey
12. Pegasus Fantasy
13. The Sign of Glory
14. Supermind
15. Moonlight Serenade (Frank Sinatra cover)

Label: Independent
WebsitesFacebook  | Website
Release Date: 19th March 2015
Reviewed by Phil T

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