Algos – The Death of Seasons (Holland, 2015)


I must admit that I’ve been amazed by this young act from The Netherlands since I heard his acoustic EP Fragmented. I actually loved that record, and I’m still loving it. So the big deal about a new Algos’ album is that (from my point of view) wouldn’t be easy to double the greatness of Fragmented.

That being said, I decided to listen to The Death of Seasons trying to completely forget Algos’ previous works and focusing instead on what he’s doing now.
It wasn’t easy, because Jurre Timmer (Algos’ mastermind) filled this album with beautiful reminiscences of Fragmented; not to mention that near the end of the album we find a melodic death metal reinterpretation of the full EP.

Ok, now I’m done with old sweet memories and I can start babble about this new fatigue crafted by the Dutch one-man band.
The Death of Seasons features 66 minutes of (very) melodic death/doom metal adorned with some short instrumental interludes as Canvas, Autumn’s End or the title track, that also ends this record.
The first thing we notice, if we’re a little familiar with Algos, is that the quality of the post-production has been improved a lot. I think that the band should work again on this side but really, he made a huge quality leap so far.
However the biggest issue about this album is the “flatness” of the programmed drums, I think that it could be done a lot better than this. But this is the only complain that I can make about The Death of Seasons. In fact the songs’ composition is outstanding, not to mention the deep full-bodied growl that J.Timmer is able to unleash while he’s standing in front of the microphone. Probably his guttural vocal is the strong point of this record. Also the guitar playing is very good, and the melodies composed by synth and piano are so deep and captivating.

Talking about the songs, one of my favourites is Eternal Winter. It reminds me a lot of the Italian Novembre, but with a more melodic approach. The great thing about this tune is that you can really feel the coldness of the winter. Probably because of the good intertwine of harmonizing guitars or the great growl becoming a bit harsher, but the overall track it’s very well done and solid.
Anyway my “leading” track of this great piece of work is the melancholic To Wake In Dreams. It’s like a mid-paced heavy-ballad with mammoth growl and utterly sad atmosphere. To be honest the track is very simple (musically speaking) but it’s so effective that there was no need to add useless focus on technique or fool odd times. After all, who said that simple things don’t work out?

1) Canvas  1:13
2) Realm Of Madness  7:13
3) Wanderer  8:45
4) Autumn’s End  0:42
5) Eternal Winter  5:11
6) The Flood  5:25
7) Sails  6:12
8) To Wake In Dreams  4:50
9) Hymn To Anubis  5:36
10) Sleeping Giants  7:14
11) Fragmented  12:01
12) The Death Of Seasons  1:40


Label: self-released
Websites: Facebook  | Bandcamp
Release Date: 30th April 2015
Reviewed by Teo

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