Algos – Fragmented (Holland, 2014) by Teo

I’ve been lucky to find out this album over Bandcamp.
I instantly fell in love with this one indeed probably because I felt like this kind of music was something so familiar to me. Like it was a part of me, actually.

It’s true, you could hear a bunch of mistakes in this record (poor quality production, some playing issues and also several unwanted noises) but I don’t really mind about that as the music is so beautiful that it went straight to me.

Ok, now stop with this romanticism thing and go back to our classic-evil-&-satanic-black-metal style!…:)

Algos, hailing from The Netherlands, are a one-man band leaded by Jurre Timmer. Fragmented is the second and latest EP that Algos released in 2014.

This album is an amazing intertwining of acoustic guitars, pianos, just a little bit of synths and nothing else (except for a couple of distorted guitar solos). Quite simple and therefore so brilliant.

The tunes I enjoyed the most are Vestige, Where Hope Dies and Skies of Frost. They’re very outstanding compositions, full of interesting riffs and harmonies.
Sometimes they remind me of early Opeth’s acoustic stuff but I found the greatest affinities with Ulver’s Kveldssanger. (Btw, does anyone remember this great record?)

Every song is melancholic in its own way.
Sadness flows between notes and a cold aura dwells amongst the icy compositions. But the overall feel is like having a fragile mantle of hope that is still able to warm up our souls.

And at the end, as the last song says, Only Fragments Remain. Fragments of life, death, hope and doom. And we can recollect those fragments anytime we want, just by starting this amazing EP over again.
Congratulations Mr.Algos, you did it right!

1)Rise to Fall  00:35
2)Reflections Drowned  03:25
3)Skies of Frost  04:06
4)Where Hope Dies  03:24
5)Vestige  03:06
6)Below the Surface  03:54
7)Reborn from Grief  03:49
8)A Dying Flame  05:34
9)Only Fragments Remain  02:57

Jurre Timmer: Everything


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