French Black-Death Metal AKSAYA Releases “Kepler”

Formed in 2013, Aksaya plays Black Metal with a warlike and galactic atmosphere and lets us dive into a Cold Universe. The band is set to release their sophomore full length, “Kepler”, which is followed by a marvelous EP and distinctive debut full length.

“Kepler” was recorded during the winter of 2016, nearly 40 minutes of cold and powerful black metal, interstellar atmospheres, tinged with melancholy. 8 warlike and cold songs about physical and science/space… Their unusual sound is the upshot of experimentation and blending of different influences which range from Dissection and Orthodox Black Metal to Satanic Warmaster, Melodic Death to Atmospheric Black Metal. Mixed and mastered at Vamacara Studio.

This is what the band had to say about the album:
“Kepler” was born of a shared vision, shared experiences and sensations between CHS and FY… The taste of pragmatism, science, basic research or bio escalation led us to compose this album and coherent overall. This is an initiatory journey through science and the universe… A perfect harmony between man and machine, single gateway to infinity. We oscillate in a journey to interstellar worlds to these exoplanets, reflects our only salvation, to discoveries that will change everything, to these numbers and equations that remain mystical to some, and to the “technomedecine” that will change humanity!

FRIEDHOF MAGAZINE, KVLT, METAL REVOLT have Exclusively Streamed the Entire Album.

Track – List:
01. Kepler
02. Laїka
03. Fractale
04. Anomalie, Prélude À La Découverte
05. Tau Ceti E
06. Syn 1.0
07. K-701.04
08. Non Morietur

Total Running Time: 37:17

CHS – Vocals, Guitars
MAT – Guitars
FY – Drums
TS – Bass

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