Agonie – Nemesis (Germany, 2015)

by Teo


I first encountered Agonie with their debut demo last year. And if you’re a loyal readers of this blog then you’re probably remember that I wrote that “it seems to fly back to the golden age of black metal!” referring to their first fatigue.
Now Agonie are back with this Nemesis EP, and I gladly noticed that they kept that ’90s black metal feels while improving some technical aspect of the production and song-writing.

This young band from Lower Saxony (Germany) really impressed me with the opener track, Nemesis, which it’s also my standout track. The vocal section is still my favourite thing in Agonie’s music. Cernunnos, the lead singer, possibly improved his screaming technique from the demo, which results in a pretty convincing “exhibitions” of harsh vocal filled with pain and anger.
Anyway, the opening track is well crafted, talking about a necro-sounding production. And very interesting is the little depressive vein that adorns this song as well as the overall album.
Unfortunately this sweet vein of depression sometime is kinda of “ruined” by some lead guitar’s lick. I mean, the lead guitarist is absolutely skilled, but I feel like he didn’t take the right time to write his own solos.

A thing that has to be said is that the last track of this EP is a cover version of Zerfall’s Kriecht Zu Kreuze. To be honest I’ve never heard of this band before so I can’t really make any comparison between the original and the version played by the band from Lower Saxony, but I can say for sure that Agonie’s version is interesting and never taken for granted. Definitely a nice tune, on which I really did enjoy the lead guitar work on it (and here I can proudly say that the lead guitarist has done a neat work).

Finally I’d like to suggest this new record from Agonie to all the die-hard black metal fans who miss so desperately the fucking dirty old-time sound. I mean, you like Darkthrone, early Mayhem and Immortal…well, give Nemesis a chance then!

– “Nemesis” out on April 2015 self-released by the band. –


1. Nemesis
2. Aufgelöst In Wohlgefallen
3. Kriecht Zu Kreuze


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