AC/DC who? – [Spoiler] The Big Rumble

I really didn’t want to write such an article. So, I’m really sorry if the quality of this blog will suddenly sink into abyssal depths. But I definitely had enough of the argument! I thought that coming up with a piece like this would have even given more exposure to these morons. I don’t care anymore. These morons already have all the exposure they need, it won’t surely be me making more publicity. So…here we go for the big rumble!

Basically, I really can’t stand anymore seeing anyone talking about bloody AC/DC with Axl Ro… (sorry, I can’t even write down his name). Seriously guys, don’t you think maybe it is time to stop hyping old rubbish?
AC/DC has been one of the greatest bands rock’n’roll will ever see, and so have Guns’n’Roses, but it comes a day when you seriously have to stop acting like you’re a stupid drunk teenage. You just look as much as a loser as you are. But probably I’m the only one who think this is pathetic, as it seems anyone’s just wounded up with the latest updates about those old guys mentioned just above (I’m not going to repeat their name again!).
And now I’m pitching ‘em as examples, because I’m tired of seeing people and ‘zines pollute the web with daily posts regarding the topic. But of course this isn’t just about them, still it’s quite boring, and it also starts bothering me a bit. Yeah, I hear you! I’d better shut my computer down for a while.

Anyhow, what really makes me sad is all those hyped people. Who, for the record, are basically the same that a minute later would go around proclaiming full and deep support to underground bands.
“Go to underground shows!”, they say. “Support your local scene!” and blah blah.
I don’t mean to dig deep into this sort of declarations either, ‘cause they’re just stupid and “empty” as they sound. But at least being realistic and honest would be good, wouldn’t it?!

Also I need to state I don’t have anything against bands playing for decades, as long as they keep their sound fresh and innovative (never heard the Pat Metheny Group before?). But when a band plays the same exact kinda of music for years and years, well, it suddenly become despicable.
Don’t make me throw out other names. The list of bands fell from this grace could be so long we’d end our WordPress storage capability in the glimpse of an eye. Yet again, it’s pretty useless to incite this rumble further.
However, this kinda behaviour always surprises me a bit more every single time (I’m talking to you “average human-listener-being). I always hope people will realise how bad they’re feeding a dictatorial music scene (business). Still they just don’t, apparently.
This isn’t obviously about what’s good and what’s bad, nor right or wrong. This is only and merely my perspective of the average audience, which is slowly causing the downfall of good music. Nothing else but this.

At the very end, I only have this last wish, please. A tiny little desire of mine. Don’t label yourself a big, huge music fan if you’re still buying music of those “pre-historic” acts.
You don’t love music. You just love the idea of listening to it.
Thank you.
Be well (and love to -almost- all),

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