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Yep, it is the most loved and hated time of the year again. It is the time when you should meet up with your whole family and eat senseless amounts of delicious food. You ought to do that if you’re Italian, at least. And surely that’s what we’re gonna do! But anywhere in the world you may be located, there’s one thing you know for sure. The Somber Lane will stay with you for the whole holiday season. Yeah, well, maybe we’ll have a diluted schedule, still we’ll keep posting on a regular basis.

So this is not a “cheers and see you next year” post. It’s an actual, genuine “we wish you the very best of Christmas, Hanukkah or whatever you celebrate”. In the case you feel alone in these days, maybe your girlfriend broke up with you the night of Christmas (which is today, so watch out), or you’re having a bad hangover on the new year’s day, we’ll know how to cheer you up. And we will do that with great music -as usual- and smuggling shrooms. (!)

No, seriously. We will try our best and keep you up to date with anything good happening in the music world.

But, the real treat here is “my Christmas song”. My one and only. It has become sort of a tradition for me and I cannot start celebrating if I haven’t played this first…

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