A chat with Shon (Cerebral Extinction) by Rizzo


SL: Hi there Shon, please introduce us your project Cerebral Extinction.

CE: Hello everyone. Cerebral Extinction were born in March 2013 from an idea by me and our vocalist Malshum. We wanted to create a project that was brutal and interesting, and influenced by the American death metal style above all. It should initially have been just a side project since I had a band already, called Blessed Dead, but with the passing of time this project got the better of me and my attention in such a way that I abandoned Blessed Dead and decided to start out this new adventure.
Now, Davide joined the band as a bassist, and Paolo as a session drummer, helping us in all live gigs so far, after several problems we had with former drummers.

SL: What can you tell us about your recently released LP, “Inhuman Theory Of Chaos”? After this debut, which are your projects for the future?

CE: With respect to the album, we’re fully satisfied with the final results and glad it has been appreciated both in Italy and abroad.
We’re now booking concerts to promote the album both in Italy and around Europe. We’ll be in Germany in April, for instance, for 3 gigs supporting Fleshless. In addition, we’ve been already working on a new record since a few months.

SL: Great! We wish you luck for your projects. Let’s now talk about your album with some more detail. Which are the main themes behind your lyrics, and which artists do you feel mostly influenced by?

CE: Lyrics are entirely written by Malshum and mainly deal about themes such as the obscenity of the human being, its evilness and darkness, and raw facts from our reality.
Musically speaking, the album is really in debt with the sound of bands such as Vomit The Soul, Disentomb and Suffocation, upon which I developed my own ideas together with the rest of the band.

SL: Regarding your personal listening, do you all come from the same background or is there maybe someone to bring specific influences?
Generally speaking, wh
ich are your go-to listenings, and which albums would do suggest to our readers? Some recent works that impressed you, maybe?

CE: The common elem02ent in the band is our love for the most brutal death metal, but everyone’s pretty open minded and has a broad palette of listenings.
I’ve always been listening to various stuff here and there, but always favored extreme metal. Mentioning Italian bands, I think I can’t pass on Oracles by Fleshgod Apocalypse and The Vile Conception by Hour Of Penance, while looking overseas I think Cannibal Corpse is always delivering, despite their age.
Recently, I really appreciated the new work by Septycal Gorge, Disentomb, Beyond Creation and the great debut albums by our friends in Devangelic and Bloodtruth.

SL: What do you think about the modern day musical scene in Italy?
And on the othe
r hand, what about the growing “virtual” scene made up by all those artists who get to be known right from the web, through platforms such as Bandcamp?

CE: I’d say the scene is alive in Italy. I got to know several great bands made up by fantastic people.
Just to name a few: Unbirth, Logic Of Denial, Bloodtruth, Devangelic, Suicidal Causticity, Blaskhyrt, Integral.
I’d say we’re helping each other out and that’s great.
I think that digital platforms are really important to get to know lots of new bands, as well as social networks are useful to gain visibility, contact people and for self-promotion. I’d say that is essential.

SL: Regarding self-promotion, what do you think about the growing trend of “name your price” policies for albums?
Would it be a
good choice for an emergent artist, or would you find more “ethic” to always ask for a payment, at the price of being ignored? (Pun intended).

CE: I think that, even when starting from scratch, lots of various efforts have to be made to give some quality to your own product, and it’s then right to get paid back for them.

SL: Good point. Let’s now talk a little bit of you as persons before artists. What do you do for a living? Do you have any other hobbies in addition to music?

CE: In everyday life, some of us work and some attend the university.
I personally am a big fan of horror\sci-fi movies, and of football too. Other members are comics fans, or regular gym enthusiasts.

SL: We’re about to wrap up the interview! We thank you and everyone in Cerebral Extinction for your helpfulness, and we hope to be hosting you again on our “pages”.
Would you please remind us where to find your material?
If you have anything to say to our readers, this is your free space. Bye from TSL!

CE: First of all, I’d like to thank you for the interview and for your time.
The album can be purchased at our store in physical format here or in digital format via Bandcamp.
You can follow us via Facebook  and our YouTube channel.
I invite all of you to follow us on socials to keep track of our activity. Greetings TSL and see you next time!


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