A Chat With Marco “Tum” Tumiatti (Sixteens Again) by Rizzo


SL: Hi there guys! Let’s talk about you, what does the world need to know about Sixteens Again?

MT: Hi guys!
Sixteens Again is a band based in Rovigo (Veneto, Italy). The project was born almost casually: all of us had suspended our main band activities, but we just couldn’t put up with the idea of keeping our instruments in their cases! Baz (also in Dirt Show -another Veneto-based act-ED-) brought the idea of a blink 182-ish punk band, with the quick SAlogoapproval of Moretz (of LoverDrive -as above-ED-), and Andrea “Pelè” Fregnan. After
the first rehearsal and the first draft of what would’ve ended up to be “Kiss me Before Summer Ends” (first single with videoclip) i joined too, being Seventh (-Marco’s HC band-ED-) on a hiatus. Then we kept writing songs and playing live, and the result of these two years of work has been published September 1st on Bandcamp: the EP “Invincible” available as a free download 😀

SL: Well, “unplanned” projects are always the most exciting isn’t it? What can you tell us about the freshly released EP? And taken that you substantially labelled yourselves as “pop punk”, which are the main lyrical themes of your songs? Also, would that mean your influences are mainly coming from the Californian punk scene?

MT: Well, the EP is made up of five tracks we prepared for Treviso’s Home Festival: we won the Home premium at the 1st Radio Marilù Contest (a totally unexpected event, a real surprise) and we spent the entire summer working on songs to perform at the Red Bull stage of the festival. Talking about lyrics, they’re mainly dealing with friendship, parties, more or less requited love, and everyday life issues. They generally come from a basic concept proposed by one of us, and then developed altogether at our best.
What I like the most about Sixteens Again is the fact that each of us has a different musical background.
Even if we share common preferences, i think that our variety of listenings and experiences playing in various genres is one of the key elements in the band. Probably i’m the most far from the californian punk scene, since i’ve always been around metal\hardcore territory, but in time we managed to find an equilibrium which -i hope- has given us an identity in terms of riffing and overall writing style.

SL: Congratulations for your successes! A few minutes ago we were talking about free downloads. What do you think about this policy, looking at the trends of the music market? And by the way, a provocation: speaking now of illegal downloads, is piracy just a plague or the way out from a backwards industry?

MT: The free download option has crossed our minds while looking at the policies of the great bands under Trivel. Trivel is a Venice-based collective which has managed to create the best italian HC scene (IMHO) in just a few years. Given that our EP had to be our “business card” to get us known also outside familiar places, we chose to give it away for free just to make it as accessible as possible.
Concerning the music market, it’s really undeniable that the CD format is gradually losing ground against the digital one that is growing more and more. By now (and i’d add a “sadly” here), the CD has turned into a kind of “disposable” object. Once ripped on pc, it will be hardly put in a CD player ever again. The only physical format i regularly buy is vinyl, but that’s a totally different story.
To reply to the provocation: piracy is for sure a plague on one hand, but on the other hand it’s also a reality we have to face, in the music market as in other ones. I won’t give a sermon to anyone saying piracy is a crime, that would make an hypocrite of myself. I’ll just say it’s up to everyone’s common sense to benefit of music legally or illegally depending on the circumstances.

SL: Having a shared and open-minded approach to songwriting couldn’t do anything but help. Thanks for your opinion on today’s situation, it’s a hot and controversial topic for sure. Back to the band, which goals do you have for the near future, now that a first big leap has been taken?

MT: Right now we’re setting up an agenda for live shows up to December, and trying our best to write some new tunes. We’re evaluating the possibility of recording a split album but it’s just one of the many ideas we have floating around at the moment. To keep it short: new shows and new material! Haha

SL: Great! We wish you luck, then. Our interview finishes here, we salute you and we thank you for your helpfulness. We hope to be hosting you again on these pages! Where can we find about you, Sixteens Again?

MT: You can find us on F SA02acebook, Twitter, Bandcamp (where you can download the EP “Invincible” for free, as well as find some other merch soon).
You’ll find our first single\videoclip “Kiss me before summer ends” on Youtube, as well as on Soundcloud together with “Bed on fire“. We’re now working to get the EP up on Spotify as well!
Thanks to you guys which have reserved a place for us on your blog and try to promote the italian independent scene! We sadly count lots of really worthy bands in different genres which are totally unknown outside Italy and would deserve better attention, but this can happen only if support from the fans happens first. That being said: support local bands, attend concerts, buy merchandise and spread the music you love around!

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