A Chat with Lord Lokhraed (Nocturnal Depression)



I had this brief talk with Lord Lokhraed, founder and mastermind of the band Nocturnal Depression.
We mainly talked about their new album, Spleen Black Metal, released by Avantgarde Music.

SL: Hello, welcome to “The Somber Lane” blog and thank you for giving us the chance for this interview!
First of all would you please introduce yourself to our readers?

LL: Nocturnal Depression is an entity born from the ashes of life and spreading the words of sorrow, suicide and despair. We started to release our first demos in 2004 to very less hand crafted copies. Since this day we perform a Black Metal with slow and repetitive melodies in which we add some sad and clean arpeggios. We released several demos, splits and actually 7 albums. Adding to this, we perform around 100 gigs around the world.

SL: You’re going to release a new album, Spleen Black Metal, via Avantgarde Music.
Would you tell us something about it? Which is the concept that stands behind the album lyrics?
Did you have any special guests in this record?

LL: “Spleen Black Metal” is a concept album dealing with some sad French poetries mixing to Nocturnal Depression music. With this record, I wanted to perform an old style of back in time. So there is no evolution in the music style as most of people would expect. For this album we have the greatest honor of having a song performed by Algol (Forgotten Tomb) on bass guitar and also we added a cello player for 2 tracks.

SL: One of the thing that mostly impressed me in your music, and especially in this your latest fatigue, was the intensity and the “real” sorrow that I felt listening to your songs. I know that it’s not an easy question, but how did you manage to be so painful in your compositions?

LL: The first concept of the band is to use negative feelings and to put it in music. There is already lot of band dealing with the suicide propaganda (for some of them very great) so I see no interest to be another countless band with it. Instead I wanted to put in melodies the other feelings like sorrow, despair, death longing and sadness. We all got troubles in life and we let it inspire us. Nocturnal Depression music is honest cause we don’t compose songs if we are not in the specific mood.

SL: Lately we are featuring a lot bands from the Avantgarde Music roster. I’m really happy and proud of that, because it means that this Italian label works as a home for many talented artists.
If I’m not going wrong,
this is your second album released with AM. Are you satisfied with how they run things?
Would you be interested in working with bigger labels in the future, or do you prefer to keep your band in an underground environment?

LL: We are completely aaasatisfied and proud to work with Avantgarde Music. We exchange often together and get advices mostly about layout, format ect… so we got a strong relationship. I don’t think we will work with bigger label cause the music style of Nocturnal Depression is underground. I prefer we remain this way which is a part of us than trying to reach a level that I don’t like.

SL: You are from France, a land of many quality black metal bands. What do you think of today’s French metal scene? Is it still alive?

LL: French metal scene is very active in every way with bands, promoters, labels, distro, zine… Like in every part of the world there are great things, 50-50 and shitty ones. I don’t think anything special about “our” scene actually. I think it’s same like in other countries with some people trying to make live the genre, some who support them and some who spit on them.

SL: What are your main influences as a band and as single musicians?

LL: I get influences from classic music like Lully, Wagner, Chopin but the most important ones in Nocturnal Depression would be Forgotten Tomb, Nargaroth, Burzum.

SL: What do you guys do when you’re not writing/playing for Nocturnal Depression? Any side project or other hobby as well?

LL: We got our personal life with our families and some hobbies like reading and painting. We got lot of side project playing in classic, heavy, thrash, death, doom… making a list of names would be too long.

SL: Well guys, unfortunately this is the end of our chat.
But before we wrap this up, if you have anything to say to your fans and our readers this place is yours.
Thanks for your time!

LL: Thanks for your interview. Thanks to people who support us and to people hating us.

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