A chat with Jurre Timmer (Algos) by Teo


SL: Hey Jurre! Welcome to “The Somber Lane”. We’re quite happy to host your for this little chat.
First of all could you please introduce yourself and your project?
What’s the meaning behind the “Algos” moniker?

JT: Hello! Thanks for having me.

I’m Jurre, from the Netherlands, and I’m the sole member of Algos. I would love to tell you which genre it is I make but I haven’t quite figured it out yet. I’d say Melodic death/doom metal is closest.
The name comes from the Greek spirit or depression. Which is the overall theme in my music. Lyrics and atmosphere wise.

I’ve been a great fan of doom metal since I started in metal for the amazing atmosphere and emotion in it, so that’s what my main goal was. To create a similar atmosphere and perhaps even make people feel a form of familiar-ness while listening to this. Sadly I am way too hectic and impatient to make a purely doom metal band so I took influences from it and gave my own spin to a lot of genres to create what is now Algos.

SL: You have put out two self-released EP in 2014. How has been the fans response so far?
Which are the main differences between these two albums?
And are you planning to make also a physical version of these records?

JT: The fan response has been very positive but in small doses. I haven’t done as much promotion as I should have so that’s been a bit of a bottleneck where fans are concerned. That was a learning  experience though and a mistake I’m trying to avoid with forthcoming albums. But all in all, people seem to find something different to enjoy in each song/release. The diversity in fan favourite song’s or riffs/lyrics I’ve heard have been great. I love hearing from fans and hearing their speculations on certain lyrics and maybe even certain riffs

I released the first EP, “Misery Loves Solitude” in early 2014. This was more of a demo to me, it has a lot of song writing on it that i did before I even started recording music so I was less skilled in song writing than I am now. At least that’s what I like to believe. This really was my introduction to the music world.

The second EP, “Fragmented” was an experimental idea that someone gave me after a lot of people really loved the acoustic track from the first EP. Which surprised me cause it was a personal song to me and it really motivated me to see that people captured the essence of the story I wanted to tell with that song. So a concept was made, and Fragmented was written. It’s fully acoustic/piano driven but it still tells a story, I received some very personal messages from people concerning this EP. It brings a lot of emotion to people and this is really what I wanted to do when i started making music. It was a welcome distraction from writing metal but when it was done i was really eager to get back to work on harder stuff.

Concerning physical copies. I really hope I can do so in the future. Especially Fragmented would be great to have a physical release of. Finances and the lack of people still buying music makes this a hard decision, I don’t want to end up ordering 100 hard copies and ending up with a large box with 75 copies left in my living room. So, it’s something for the future hopefully!

SL: Well, I think that is really amazing when your songs mean something to other people, it’s definitely a unique feeling.
Speaking of feelings, what is the main concept you write about in your lyrics, if you have one of course?
Tells us something about what inspires you for writing your music and lyrics?

JT: I’m a big fan of abstract lyrics, people being able to give their own spin to a lyric. Not everyone is going  to get the idea behind your lyrics so I like writing in a style that makes it very open for debate.
The main lyrical theme is depression and personal experiences, It’s a very personal theme and I really try my hardest to put a deeper meaning into every sentence.
The lyrics on the new song : “Fragmented” is the best thing I’ve written so far because it was an ongoing personal problem I had while writing it.
Most of the time I use a rhyme scheme in the lyrics as well but I’m not sure why because it’s not easier by any stretch. It’s just something I started and stuck with it. I blame listening to way too much Woods Of Ypres for this.

I don’t really get much questions about lyrics because I think most people, especially in metal where vocals are deemed as not understandable, just don’t care that much as long as it flows right. Which is a shame because I really enjoy writing them and, again, seeing how other people relate to them. From a singers perspective I do believe you shouldn’t write or record anything that you’re not fully behind because it will show in your music.

SL: Have you ever think to put together an “actual” line-up to play live gigs or just to join in Algos?
And what are the vices and virtues of a one-man band?

JT: I did think about it but it would have to be people I know very well to attempt such a thing. It’s most likely not going to happen but I would enjoy being on stage.
I guess the main pro of a one man band would be the freedom I have,  I guess you could also say it’s more work for me but it’s work i enjoy doing and I’ve learned over the years of playing music that I tend to disagree about songwriting with most people. So the freedom this gives me is pretty great. Another pro being, I can work in my own time. I don’t need to go to rehearsals or jam sessions and I can just record whenever I feel like it.

The downsides being, I do enjoy playing in a group and hearing everything come together and playing on stage. It’s also very hard to stay motivated cause of how much work it is. It also makes you a lot more  vulnerable for criticism because everything can be pointed back to me, and only me.

All in all, I don’t think Algos would work the way it does now if it wasn’t a solo project. Every song holds personal meaning for me and I don’t know how well it would translate being played/sung by other people. But I can’t say it will never happen!

SL: I noticed that you give so much importance to the song meaning as well as the emotional side of them, why these things are so important to you as a musician and as a listener?
And what are the artists/bands that give you such feelings?

JT: Because it’s the a12essence of music for me, don’t get me wrong. I get a lot of enjoyment out of listening to tech death or brutal death for example (I think I’ve spotted myself wearing Obscura/Archspire t-shirts in most of my videos) There’s not a lot of emotional side to a lot of those bands but it’s amazing musicianship and that’s just as important.
I remember when i discovered Doom metal, which at this point to me is still one of the purest forms of expression in metal. The combination of anger and sadness was something I had never heard before and it blew me away. Bands like Swallow the Sun, In Mourning, Novembre, Woods Of Ypres all have their distinct stories and sound but I get the same vibes from all of them.

When writing my own songs i have a very distinct image in my head that needs to match the song, I want every single song to have its own meaning. Be it emotional or not. But I’ve always just preferred people writing from an emotional aspect than from a religious/political standpoint or such. I don’t care about such subjects, I’m way more interested in speculating what has driven this band/person to write the song I’m listening to.

SL: What else you like to do when you’re not playing or composing stuff for Algos?
Any hobby? How do you like to spend your free time?

JT: I do a lot of bodybuilding, keeps me in shape and it’s strangely addictive.
Besides that I’m obviously listening to a lot of music, and I’m a big fan of PC gaming.
If I’m not doing any of the above, I’m probably making weird videos of my cat dancing to metal.

SL: I heard that your cat he’s a metalhead!
Sadly we have come to the end of our little chat. But before we wrap up this interview, if you have anything to say to our readers, your fans or if you have any final thoughts this is your moment.
Thank you very much for your time!

JT: Yes he is, He mastered the art of metal dancing!
Thanks again for having me, I enjoyed answering these questions. If people are interested in my project, I am quite active on my Facebook page.
I’m releasing the first full length album this season, I’m hoping it will be the start of a bigger and better future for Algos. There’s a teaser on the YouTube channel and on Soundcloud.
I won’t spam you with links but basically everything is on the Facebook page, all music is streamable for free on Bandcamp.
And to the readers/fans, thanks for taking the time to read about my musical endeavours!


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