A chat with Chaos Plague

by Teo


SL: Hello guys, welcome to The Somber Lane…or should I say welcome back?
Yes, because at the very beginning of this blog we had the pleasure to host Matteo Salvestrini, bass player for Chaos Plague, but today we’re hosting the whole band! So folks, would you please introduce yourself and tell us your roles inside the band? What has changed from the last time we have met on these “pages”?

Matteo: Hello SomberLane! It’s a great pleasure to be here again on your pages!
We are Chaos Plague, from Italy, we play Progressive Death Metal, inspired by some great bands of the past (like Cynic, Atheist, Martyr and Pestilence) and relatively new formations (Obscura, Twisted into Form), still we try to craft it in our own way. We combine the early Death Metal from the ’90s with the Progressive attitude and we try to dig our own niche in the Metal scene.
Let’s introduce the band:

Daniele Belotti – growl and clean vocals
Davide Luraghi – guitar
Luciano Duca – guitar
Matteo Salvestrini – bass and scream vocals
Stefano Tarsitano – drums

Well, we can say that two great changes have occurred: we’ve signed for an important Italian label, Revalve Records and we’ve released our first album, Existence Through Annihilation!

SL: So, let’s start talking about your new album. How would you describe it to our readers? Are you satisfied with it? I mean, does it meet your expectations?
And, I know this is not an easy question, but what is your favourite track of “Existence through Annihilation”?

Luciano : I can say that our album is a melting pot of our musical preferences: we’ve tried to get i11801052_525144044301399_1335284767_onto an original dimension, although it seems to be nearly impossible, nowadays.
We’ve chosen to play highly complex, technical riffs with really aggressive parts, united with arpeggios, dual guitars phrases and a leading bass.

Are we satisfied with it?! Yes, we are! The first time I’ve listened to it I was simply inflamed!
Anyway, this is just the beginning and we’re looking forward to writing new material! We’ve already started working on new tracks, something new but closely linked to “Existence through Annihilation”.
In my opinion, “I, Annihilation” is the best track of the album.

SL: Let’s talk about the “word-made” side of the album. What would you like to express with the lyrics of Existence Through Annihilation? Is there a main concept behind this record? 

Matteo : This is a good and complex question! There’s not a real “concept” behind the entire album but a sort of link between each track can be recognized.
I think that each song has its importance as a unique message. On one side there’s even place for hope, on the other we wanted to communicate just hate and a sense of total destruction. But the “final reading” is different for each listener.
Most of our lyrics are a free reinterpretation of Nietzsche’s philosophy but we didn’t want to “stay only in that place” and you can find a lot of different ideas. It’s a logos, a constant description and expression of the human nature and human feelings, from hate to introspection.
There’s, in my opinion, an interesting experiment in “Ubermensch Path”: in the middle of the song you can see a dialogue between the Man (who will turn into an Ubermensch) and the Abyss….Daniele made a great interpretation of this passage through different shades in his growl voice. As far as I’m concerned he made an AWESOME performance!

SL: Listening to your latest album, I noticed that “Ubermensch Path” has also a quite unusual and experimental feeling. Did you get inspiration from a certain band for that kind of sound?

Matteo: “Ubermensch Path” is something that reflects how Chaos Plague should sound like: mad.
I can list many names but that list wouldn’t express exactly what Ubermensch is. It’s something I’ve had in my head for a long time. It was a very long creation, with a constant review work, and an almost endless labor limae. We were not completely sure about the final result…now I personally consider Ubermensch the most interesting song of the album.

SL: What about other people who worked at the album, anyone worth to be mentioned? Who produced, recorded and mixed it, for example (since it has definitely a crazy sound)? Who took care of the artwork?

Stefano: Definitely two people have to be mentioned: Berni a.k.a. Andrea De Bernardi and Diego Fileri.
Berni a11801914_525144040968066_624202187_ns far as the mixing and mastering is concerned, he took care of every single aspect of our sound aspirations and the result was amazing. Diego, driven only by just a few guidelines and our lyrics, managed to realize the entire concept of the artwork in a very professional way, in case of need I suggest you to take a look to his website www.3dego.com, it is full of cool stuff.

Another special mention goes for Rob Cufaro of Revalve records, the spreading wave of plague infection all around the globe! We are very proud of being took under his wing, of course I think this is also a part in the album realization, music is meaningless if it cannot reach people.

SL: In his last answer, Stefano touched an important topic. I quote “music is meaningless if it cannot reach people”. Would you like to analyze this statement?
How much is promotion important in today’s music business? Could it be even more essential than music by itself?

Davide: Music remains the core of the issue, music is a form of communication, a way to tell a point of view, so this is the important and essential part. Otherwise we would not speak any more of art but of business (no 11756671_525144010968069_824068193_ncomplains, just an observation).

Then of course, holding a musical proposal (or an artistic one in general) and keeping it in a drawer becomes an academic exercise, an end in itself. And this is where the promotion comes in, allowing to introduce the product to the final user, the listener. Today, thanks to the Internet it is even easier for our music to reach distant countries that otherwise we could never get to just ten years ago!

Chaos Plague have been hitting the Italian Metal scene for some years now, have you experienced any changes in it through this years?
And what do you think about it? Do you usually listen to any
Italian acts?

Matteo: The Italian scene is a true and deep paradox: we have a lot of musicians that make Music with a HIGH level and value, but the most schizophrenic audience in the world! My personal point of view and opinion is that there’s so much envy in Italian people that in case anyone in the audience has his own band he won’t enjoy your act…he will just judge it.
11794012_525144034301400_203849688_oThis, always as my own humble opinion, starts from the (absent) musical taste in this country: we have a lot of Music places, desolate as a barbershop on Monday while each and every discotheque in Italy is full. Every, single, damned, time. Full.
What do we have on the other hand ?! Metal-people who say that “Underground must be supported” or “Italian Metal has a lot of great formations that have to be spread all over the world”…but a lot of this people rarely are in front of a stage and pretend that kind of support only for their bands.
Obviously we’re talking about a great part but not the entire audience.
This is our problem: bands play for none and for nothing but their own passion and some likes on Facebook. Nowadays we live in a situation where each day there’s a new band with a new publication, you cannot sell CDs anymore, not because of piracy, but because people won’t spend 10€ for your album. They spend 60/80€ for the 456th Iron Maiden concert, they will stand in an awful location, with a 60€ ticket, with no emergency exits, with a bad acoustic and a legalized-theft price for a bottle of water only to see Metallica for the 20th time, but they won’t buy a CD from an underground band. Even if there’s a band who makes music they could like, they won’t spend their time on that Music…they prefer to listen to the same album over and over again.
This lead many live clubs and Music pubs to spend the least they can in music features. It is impossible to listen to an underground band: I’ve found only 2 or 3 places where Music was the MAIN interest of the “Music” pub.

There are many bands in this country that should stay away from the stage, to strum away on guitar does NOT make you a guitar player, and many others should learn to write down ORIGINAL material and not to play a meager copy of famous bands. LET’S NOT TOUCH THE TRIBUTE BAND/COVER BAND THING.
This is a vicious circle: bad bands, bad places, fed up audience: that’s the Italian condition. And what I see is a slow but constant worsening of this situation. I don’t know what we will get to, maybe, once we‘ll reach the bottom, we will start again. I don’t know at all.

I listen to a lot of Italian acts! Many of my favourite albums are from the Italian Metal scene! Great bands such as: Illogicist, Faust, Sadist, Integral, Delirium Extremens, Progenie Terreste Pura, Humangled, Anyface, Soul Rape, Orun…Italy has A LOT of great Music to give to the world!

SL: Well guys, we have sadly come to the end. But before we wrap up this interview, if you have anything to say to our readers, your fans or if you have any final thoughts this is your moment!
Thank you very much for your time and good luck with anything you’re up to!

Matteo: First of all I want to thank all our fans all over the world. I say that all the times because it’s true: you’re our strenght and the real spread of the Plague! Thank you with all my heart!
Thanks a lot to the Somber Lane for the interest in our work, for their kindness and their support to Chaos Plague and the underground Metal.
I think the best thought I can express is “SEARCH AND LISTEN TO NEW MUSIC”, don’t be satisfied only with mainstream Music. Go out there, support people who love Music and make good Music, give’em a chance! You won’t regret it!
Start with Chaos Plague, today, now! I don’t know if “Existence through Annihilation” will satisfy your hunger for Music, but it will hit you, I’m sure!

Luciano: First of all, I would like to thank you guys from the Somber Lane blog for this interview, and for your interest in us. A special thanks goes to who is following us since the beginning of the recording work, to who is supporting us even when the live gig is far away from our HQ. Last but not least, a GREAT thanks to everyone who has bought our album as it has been released! This meant success and a huge hope for the future to us! Obviously I can’t exclude my road companions! Thanks a lot!

Daniele: Well, I want to thank everyone who have read our interview and I hope they will listen to our CD. Obviously I want to thank The Somber Lane Blog for this Interview! Keep on supporting the underground!

Davide: I w11801067_525144030968067_998169069_oant to take this opportunity to thank all of those who follow and support us and whoever doesn’t know us yet but took their time to read this interview anyway! Finally, thanks to Teo of The Somber Lane blog that gave us the space to talk a bit of our “creature”.

Stefano: So, if you have read up to this point I think you can manage to bear our long tracks in Existence Through Annihilation ahah, then if you didn’t yet, check it out and tell us what you think! Every kind of comment will be appreciated. Cheers.
“Chaos upon Us All!”


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