A Chat with Another Day

by Teo


SL: Hi guys, welcome to “The Somber Lane” blog and thank you for giving us the opportunity for this interview!
First of all could you please introduce yourself to our readers?

AD: Hi, thank you for having us in your blog. We are Another Day from Koblenz/Köln, Germany. The band consists of Björn (vocals), Ralph (guitar, vocals), Fabio (guitar), Jonas (drums) and me, Christoph (bass). We are in our mid-30s. Actually we more than often pretend to be younger, just because, all the way back, when we started making music, age 40 seemed to be damned and the end of all subcultural activities. But as it seems now, life still goes on – quite well and funny.

SL: Does the name “Another Day” have a particular meaning to you?
Would you please tell us a brief history of this band of yours?

AD: Ralph and me started the band in 1999. In our adolescence we had always been involved in many projects such as skating, music and band stuff, so founding Another Day was just another step to spend (even) more time together. We simply combined our mutual passion, that was music, and founded this band. Ralph suggested the name, referring to something newborn and intensively loved. Back then, it was a feeling of something young and fresh, which we wanted to transport by our music. The name Another Day was a perfect match back then, especially since our lyrics were in English. This changed when we began to sing in German. Thereby the accuracy of the name somehow weakened, the band’s identity with its meaning strengthened, though. Nevertheless, the band grew old with that, older actually than other people’s relationships. So, we never dared to change the name, since that would have meant to change the band’s identity itself.

That this band would last for more than 15 years now, nobody of us would have imagined. Over the course of our history, certain members joined and some left us. Last fall we had to say good-bye for good to our friend Volker, who played drums on our recent album and then left the band due to marriage and life in Berlin. However, Josh has joined us so that we are now ready for action again.

SL: You’ve just released a new full-length album. Could you tell us something about it?
Are you satis
fied with it? And how has the audience response been so far?
adAD: Oh yes, we are fully satisfied with our new album. “Pauken und Trompeten” was a long-kept dream we all had. It was produced by Kurt Ebelhäuser at Tonstudio 45 and released in fall 2015 on Bastardized Records. It is a mix of 10 honest songs that describe the six years between our last album (“und für immer”) and today. These years contained a bunch of very positive and important experiences, be it childbirth, breakups or other adventures. The reviews are great. Right now we are playing some cities to find out how far these reviews have reached the people. Our last gig in Cologne was really intense. So we’re looking forward to other concerts. For the moment we are enjoying our time. In spite of full schedules at home and at work we already rehearsal new songs. Our new drummer Josh means a jackpot for us. He is a complete musician and brings in a new momentum. In 2016 we will probably produce another full album. That’s the big picture.

SL: I noticed that all the songs are in German, which is unusual for this kind of music. Why did you decide to do so? You guys feel more comfortable writing lyrics in your own native language?

AD: As I said before, we started with English lyrics. But at some point we wanted to do more genuine music. Writing in a foreign tongue is comparable to scratching the cover sheet of a good book you want to read. You maybe feel the texture but you won’t ever experience anything there is behind that. At some point, we met limitations to express ourselves. We wanted to deliver our thoughts and feelings in a direct way. I wouldn’t consider German lyrics as unusual. There are several amazing bands singing in German, such as Pascow, Love A or Vierkanttretlager, every one worth it to listen to. The lyrics of these bands are highly affective and figurative. That is what we want to do, affect people by our music. It feels easier to do so in German.
SL: What are your main influences as a band and as single musicians?

AD:We are all diy-kind of musicians. Beside Josh, who took regular lessons, no one has ever learned how to read music. We just started by playing in bands. Back then, there were couple of bands in our hometown Neuwied that influenced us as teenagers: Hammerhead, Toxoplasma or Mylai. These were our first concert experiences. After we had already played in our own bands we were affected by music such as Leatherface, Hot Water Music and Jets to Brazil. Nowadays we listen to all kinds of music. There are no borders. Today, everything we experience, observe or feel has an influence on us as musicians.

SL: What is your position towards today’s music business?
Do you think it’s easier for bands and artists emerging from the great “mass” of acts out there?

Another_Day2014 And what is your personal strategy for making your music heard by a larger audience?

AD: We have been playing music for quite some time now. I cannot really tell if the business has changed. It’s definitely difficult to stand out. That is mostly because there is an oversupply of musical input. When we started to listen to music, our local bands were our heroes. We went to each and every concert in our hometown. I think this general approach to music became old-fashioned when the Internet made music more accessible. By now we also have become dependent of this medium. It is our main channel to make our music heard. That is how things are going. The good and evil of modern technologies. Though we would prefer having all kinds of people at our gigs that coincidentally came by because they were seeking for music.

 SL: Do you have any other hobby beside music? What do you guys do when you’re not writing/playing for Another Day?

AD: Of course, we have lives beside our band. We have jobs, pets, family, leisure time, you name it. Fortunately we share most of these things as friends, so the band topic is present often enough. We travel, we play football, we like to party and dance together. Sometimes we just hang while listening to music. For us this means quality time. We love the time with wives and children nonetheless. That is heaven for us, too, probably even the most crucial part of our lives. Though, we consider our friendship as a really rare thing, not comparable to most relations we observe in others.

SL: Well guys, unfortunately this is the end of our little chat.
But if you have anything to add or you want to plug yourself you can do it right now.
Thanks a lot for your time.

AD: One last wish to the reader: Hopefully we somehow meet – be it in listening to us, watching us, by chance or even in person. Dear Teo, thanks for the opportunity and good luck with your blog. All the best.

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