Chart Time: 5 Best of 2015

1. Barbelith – Mirror Unveiled

A good and active drummer is crucial to make a good metal album working, and Barbelith‘s drummer is overactive!

This brief but intense album totally hits the spot. Whether you like black or post metal or anything else you cannot miss this one. The (above mentioned) amazing drumming skills, desperate vocals, atmospheres, badass guitar riffs and beautifully crafted compositions definitely crown this record as the best one that came to my ears in this 2015.

2. Meuchelmord – Apathie

Meuchelmord really surprised me on this one. I never expected such emotional record from this new-reborn one-man army from Deutschland.

A thin and edgy DSBM tinted with electronic hints is what Apathie is all about. The production isn’t very good but it possibly helps out the miserable composition to stand out. Be careful if you already feel depressed…

3. Jamie Duff – S/T EP

The debut EP from the Irish singer and songwriter Jamie Duff has been “my” nicest discovery this year.

Mixing folk music with pop and rock and roll, this young fella and his band crafted a lovely 5-track EP showing almost no flaw. Despite its extreme catchiness this record will be able to entertain you for a very long time.

4. Matalobos – S/T EP

Nothing evolutionary here with the debut of this Mexican death/doom act. But the release is neat enough to account for my 4th favourite album of 2015.

This 3-track EP proves the great talent of this guys. Also it sets up a solid ground for their upcoming releases. As I mentioned, nothing is substantially innovative, but this record is so well crafted that you cannot feel indifferent towards Matalobos’ playing and composing skills.

5. The Visit – Through Darkness Into Light

And this is the great outsider of this year’s top 5! This duo from Canada impressed me when I was already thinking to have terminated my choices for this chart.

An amazing cocktail of chamber music and mid-eastern melodies. Everything infused in a cold bath of icy desolation. Probably this one deserved an higher spot on this list. Maybe I just needed a bit more time to digest it completely. That being said, make sure to check out this one. It’s most likely going to “hit” you really bad. (but in a positive way, of course)

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