2016: Other Miserable Mentions

As usual I can’t just name five great records and then “ok, that’s enough!”
Nope. In fact, besides the best five albums of this year -which, in case you’ve missed out you can still dig them here (5-best-albums-of-2016)- there’s a shitload of other cool stuff that deserves to be shared with valuable listeners … just like you are! And FYK, those records are as follow:

Ashbringer – Yugen (USA)

Post Atmospheric Black Metal record that eventually becomes the very best black metal album of 2016.

Silent Island – Equator (Hungary)

Lovely, soothing and very mellow instrumental post rock from an unusual place.

Andrea Fornari – Home (Italy)

Italy, you now have your own relevant pop-folk singer, songwriter who can craft nice tunes without being forgone. Remarkable!

Vargo Umnico – A Flower Is Born (Italy)

Yet another “pizza and mandolino” act. This time around, delivering delightful post-rock in the Italian way.

Ornaments – Cymatic EP (Italy)

Third Italian project in a row, I must be getting crazy! But hell, this heaaavy post-rock EP was tasteful. Still, the band also released a new full length few weeks back. But, honestly, I haven’t find the time for playing it already so … get this one instead.

The Black Queen – Fever Daydream (USA)

Would be enough saying this is a “warming, soothing” dream?
Whether it is not I’ll say the group is composed by The Dillinger Escape Plan’s Greg Puciato, Telefon Tel Aviv’s Joshua Eustis and Steven Alexander. Have I convinced you now?

Lone Wanderer – The Majesty of Loss (Germany)

I feel so sorry that I’ve discovered this record only at the very end of the year. Otherwise it could have definitely fit for my top 5. What a shame!
That doesn’t mean that Lone Wanderer’s debut full-length is nothing less than stunning, and majestic Funeral Doom.
If you’re into this genre this one could not escape your radar!

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