Chiral Announces New Bassist – MATTEO SALVESTRINI


Chiral, Italian atmo/post black metal one-man act, announces that Matteo Salvestrini will be joining the band as guest bass player.

Salvestrini, also mastermind of the Italian Prog Death Metal act Chaos Plague, will collaborate side by side with Teo (Chiral, a.k.a. ME) on the future Chiral‘s albums.

“I’m glad to have the possibility to work side by side with the good friend Matteo.
I’m sure he will be able to bring, with his huge 7-stringed fretless bass, interesting as well as fresh ideas to the project. And of course new ideas will bring to a further evolution in Chiral’s sound. As I usually said: evolutions is always good. And this time I’m more than curious to see what OUR next album will sound like. For sure it’s going to be different from what you did hear so far.”

Chiral Online:

Read the full news at Chiral’s homepage.

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